Virtual Reality Massage Center is set to Open in Los Angeles

Virtual Reality Massage Center is set to Open in Los Angeles

On the next few days, Los Angeles is going to witness a fully automated Virtual Reality Massage Center.  Yes! It is real and adheres to modern technology, the center is going to be operational in virtual reality.

In the recent past, the utility of VR (Virtual Reality) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) is purely rocking in all the sectors. Instead of just used highly in the gaming sector, now VR booming it is functional in all other sectors.

Evolve of Virtual Reality

Over the years, Virtual Reality highly used in the entertainment sectors, especially in the gaming field. However, in modern days the technology had promised to improve several sectors by allowing users to feel different.

The virtual reality massage center is the perfect example to pinch the development of the VR among people. In addition, it enables users to experience viewing things/object from a different perspective.

Virtual Reality Massage Center in Los Angeles

Automated massage chairs and pumped-in fragrances
Automated massage chairs and pumped-in fragrances

Residents of Los Angeles will soon go to witness something unique massage center. Unlike the usual one, the Esquades Immersive Relaxation Center offers fully automated massage service. The Esquades will be operational from 5th July, going to offer 10 environments for its customers to try and relax.

The upcoming Virtual Reality Massage Center in Los Angeles plans to offer peculiar VR experience for its customers with improved fragrances. Customers provided with contact lenses instead of old school eyeglasses to experience the VR.

In addition, the Esquades plans to do something different in time duration of each session and it yet to reveal that. Moreover, consumers will avail the benefits of experiencing the company’s proprietary VR worlds by sitting in high-quality massage chairs.   

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It is truly something different for people who often visit the nearest mall and wears a VR headset to experience a virtual world.

Let us wait and watch how it turns the attention of Los Angeles people.

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