First Ebola Case is Confirms in Uganda Since Virus Broke Out in Congo

Ebola Virus

Ebola is the first cross-border case and a deadly virus for which a child in Uganda tested positive. The case confirmed since the outbreak started last year in Congo, a statement issued by the Health Ministry of Uganda.

Uganda Health Minister Jane Aceng said in a statement the Congolese boy age five years is currently isolated with his family members in the Congo Border hospital of Western District. After showcasing similar symptoms, two of the family members are also tested for Ebola, and on Wednesday, the results are expected.

Ebola became the second-largest lethal disease in the world that also puts pressure on the WHO (World Health Organization), which can also become a global health emergency. Amid the unprecedented challenges of community resistance and rebel attacks, the outbreak is unfolding that had never face the Ebola before.

WHO expert committee in April 2019 decided that Ebola is not a global health emergency as of now, but it is of grave concern. However, the global spread of the Ebola is one significant reason the UN (United Nations) considers before such declaration.

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On the other hand, it was not clear when was bot entered the region of Uganda. According to the WHO statement, the boy with his family via Bwera Border post came in Uganda on Sunday. Also, WHO said, he was transferred to Bwera Ebola treatment unit after receiving initial hospitalization at Kagando hospital.

Uganda Virus Institute made the confirmation of Ebola virus on Tuesday. According to the WHO statement, “WHO and ministry of health sent the rapid response team to Kasese to recognize other individuals who may be at risk.”

In a separate statement issued by Congo’s health ministry, from Mabalako the boy arrived at Congo’s Kasindi border post on Monday. There more than ten family members exhibited the symptoms and were taken to isolation at the local hospital where they all are under observation.”

Health ministry also mentioned six members of the same family were broke away during their transfer to an Ebola treatment center in Beni. They crossed Uganda amidst Congolese officials alerted their colleagues in Uganda. At the Kagando hospital, family members of the boy were found by the Uganda officials.

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On Wednesday the officials of two countries are scheduled to meet and discuss the possibility to send the family back to Congo (Beni) for treatment, as per the Health Ministry statement.

Since the outbreak of the Ebola, millions of travelers are scan for the Ebola virus, which makes unclear at this point how the members of the family were able to cross the border.

Since August there have been more than 2000 probable and confirmed cases of the Ebola virus in Congo including the death of 1400 individuals. The lethal disease spread primarily through body fluid o infected people. However, there is no specific reported treatment of the disease, but it can be controlled in the early stages.

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