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Trying to find the working Kodi Addons for your choice of device? Well, if you are confused about the choice and find it rather difficult to find the right choice of Kodi addons for your entertainment needs, this is your answer for the perfect choice of up to date list of addons for Kodi. Let us check out the addons under different categories.

Given the fact that the Kodi addons are in the constant process of changing, it may be necessary to check the exact status of addons at the time you install them. The best add-ons we have listed here may be replaced by some other options. We recommend you exercise caution when installing them.

Best Kodi addons you can use on your Kodi devices

Having understood the essence of the Kodi addons and why they are important, let us now check out the best working addons as of September 2019. Do note that none of these add-ons is 100 percent stable in nature. They are bound to undergo a change and may even go non-working.


The addon was taken off, but fortunately enough, the add-on is making a comeback. developed by Kodi Bae, the new Exodus Redux appears exactly the same as it was before. The add-on lets you enjoy a host of movies and TV shows along with a host of filtering options. The addon is a fork from the Exodus/Genesis Addons and lets you pull the video links from the internet.

Kodi Addons

When compared to the original Exodus addon, it comes with an exciting option in the form of Open Scrapers. This is in sharp contrast to the Lambda Scrapers. Lack of updates has been one of the reasons that the Lambda Scrapers had gone outdated. It will offer you a perfectly zero buffering and lagging. The Trakt Integration is another excellent feature that helps you track what is on air at the moment on the popular channels and pulls it for you.

Magic Dragon

This is yet another perfect Kodi addon option and should provide you access to an enhanced experience with the list of the best movie and TV show categories to choose from. What makes it one of the preferred choices is the fact that it does come with multiple links for the same show.

Availability of Oload Paring and Real Debrid should be what would ideally make it an exciting option for your choice of addons. Apart from movies and TV channels, it also hosts a wide in the form of sports and radio channels. The service relies upon a wide number of options for the links and thus you will be blessed with a working link every time. The huge list of most effective scrapers should be one of the reasons it offers you a reliable experience of choosing your favorite movies and TV shows.


Yet another fork from Exodus/Covenant, Tempest is a perfect replacement for Exodus which has always remained a hot favorite for the Kodi enthusiasts. The addon has been one of the best options to stream your favorite TV shows and movies with ease.

While the add on hosts a huge container for the new shows and movies, if you are in the mood to go nostalgic, tempest Kodi addon has an option for that as well. One of the best features we noticed with the addon would be the regular update that it has been able to receive. It should ideally work better if you use it with Real Debrid. It can find the links quite easily and can pull a huge number of them. That is exactly what would make it one of the prime options to go with.

Scrubs 2

Scrubs has always been one of the most popular Kodi Addons. The updated version in the form of Scrubs 2 should fulfill your demand for the best movie experience. Once again, the effect of Exodus can be felt as the Kodi addon is based on the Exodus code. You would be able to filter your content based on several factors.

In addition to movies and TV shows, the addon also brings in a host of other additional categories that would include IPTV, cartoons, podcasts, music, and fitness videos. If you are looking for an all in one option, you would definitely be impressed with the Scrubs 2 Kodi addon. You can find it in the JewRepo Repository and make the most out of your Kodi experience.

Nole Cinema

Yet another exciting Kodi addon that should provide an exciting performance, Nole Cinema has been getting popular over the years with its focus on the improvement of the content library. Given the fact that a host of addons from the previous generation have stopped functioning, it has been gaining more efficiency. The addon is basically designed to work with movies and you would find both Hollywood and international movies as part of the package.

The excellent interface makes it one of the contemporary add-ons you would love to have in your Kodi addon library. You can scroll through hundreds of genres and categories. There are dedicated options for Disney movies, Marvel movies, and other such curated lists. You have the click to play functionality as well as a search functionality.


Loki was introduced over a year ago. However, it developed issues of technical nature and was found missing. The new developer has taken it up from where it left and improved the appearance and functionality. The addon is an excellent option and offers everything for everyone.

The new Kodi addon features a wide range of options in the form of movies, TV shows, documentaries, stand-up specials, music, cartoons, and sports. You would also find a few season-specific categories for your needs. The addon offers you a huge range of content and categories. Make sure you opt for the enhanced experience right now.

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In Conclusion

Those were just a few options that should com handy enough for the best experience if you are searching for the best Kodi addons. Of course, the list is not exhaustive in any manner, but we assume that the list of the options here should ideally meet most of your needs in the Kodi based entertainment.

Check out the addons today and share your favorites among them with us!

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