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Rebecca-King Crews

Whenever you hear the name, Rebecca King-Crews the definitely to most of us first and foremost name that comes in our mind is Terry Crews. He is always known for his wits and comic body language.

You must have heard of reality TV shows named “The Family Crews” that showcased the day to day life of the Crew Family including Terry and his wife Rebecca King-Crews along with their five cute and adorable children. She has already many productions and appointed as a producer of many of these productions.

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Rebecca King-Crews is an inspirational speaker and gospel singer. When it comes to family, youth, and fame, then Rebecca is one of the most sought-after lecturers and speakers. The talented lady knows how to bring insights and humor in her lectures and speeches and deliver them seamlessly to her audience by adding a bit of religious faith in all her deliverables.

Biography of Rebecca King-Crews and her Family

In the year 1965 of December 24th Rebecca was born in Michigan (Benton Harbour) of the United States of America. She is of Afro-American ethnicity and grew up in a Christian family. She also holds the American nationality. Due to her skin color, most people mistakenly take her from American ethnicity. However, she originally belongs to African-American decency.

Her early childhood was spent in Indiana (Gary), where she completed her schooling and attended different schools. From Lew Wallace High School Rebecca King-Crews was graduated and always been admired for being the topper in her batch. In the year 1984. She was also crowned as Miss Gary (Indiana) while in High School. At that time, she was only 19 years old. Throughout her early education days like school and college, Rebecca appeared in several theatre plays including, Music Man, Oklahoma, and The Wiz.

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She went to Western Michigan University to pursue her musical career. There she performed in different musical performances and plays.

In the TV show “The Family Crew” Rebecca King-Crews also acted as the producer of the show which aired on the BET network. Somewhat similar to Keeping up with Kardashians, this shows also revolves around the daily life of Crew family. The whole family acted in this TV show.

In the year 2011, the show was ended abruptly leaving no explanation for their audience. In Hollywood, Rebecca King-Crews is a famous entertainment personality. In the television industry, she has done several productions.

In the year 1996, she appeared in the “E! True Hollywood Story” TV series which was also her first acting experience. Rebecca also appeared in other projects including “The Mo’Nique Show” in a small special appearance as well as playing a character in “The Wendy William Show.”

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In many fashion magazines, Rebecca King-Crews played her part. Some of her projects include, “Today’s Black Woman,” “Reality Magazine,” “Television Guide,” “Jet,” and “Heart and Soul.” She is also an active participant in the Christian Community and involved in various charities.

Family and Kids of Rebecca King-Crews

Rebecca King-Crews’ personal life is always media-centric as most of the fashion and lifestyle magazines follow her updates on both personal and professional front. Moreover, her relationship with Terry Crews was a new turn in her life when she started seeing this renowned former American football player and American actor.

In the year 1990 Rebecca tied the knot with Terry on July 29th, and since then the couple has been happily married and are in life with each other. Through thick and, thin Terry Crew and Rebecca King-Crews stuck with each other.

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Terry met Rebecca when she was in college. She has always been a supporting pillar in her husband’s life. She is the source of encouragement and inspiration for Terry and always motivated him even after his sports career.

Rebecca King-Crews not just managed her career and family well, however, this smart lady and mother of five adorable kids also suffered a lot when she had to struggle with Terry’s state of depression and his addiction pornography. These details were revealed in the “Manhood: How to Be a Better Man or Just Live with One” – an autobiography of her husband. In this autobiography, Terry opened up to the public and media about his personal life details mentioning his pornography addiction, which severely impacted his life and marriage.

In the year 1989, Rebecca had a daughter named Naomi that is before marrying Terry Crew. In one of the episodes of their show, it was revealed Naomi was pregnant when she announced the same news to Terry and Rebecca. At that time, Naomi was unmarried. Later, Naomi made Rebecca a grandmother when she gave birth to a baby girl. Her father is Charles Burton.

Together Terry and Rebecca Crew have four adorable children. Besides Naomi, Rebecca has three other daughters named Wynfrey, Tera, and Azriel.

Net Worth of Rebecca-King Crew

In the entertainment world, all the success and fame Rebecca earned, we can easily say that she does not do below average financially. In any source online or offline, her total net worth is not disclosed. However, it is reported that Terry’s value is around $20 million.

Her modest and educated upbringing supported her to achieve new heights in her career, and as a mother, she is a role model for many women globally.

In the Christian community, she has been asked to be in charge of many charities. At the Uniquely You Summit Rebecca-King Crew also participated as a speaker who held in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia as well as she was also speaking in Heart and Soul awards in Baltimore. In New York city she received the Well Done Award. She also became the part of The Tom Joyner Family Reunion that happened in Florida (Orlando).

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This was all about Rebecca-King Crew, including all her personal and professional details. In case you are looking for more information about her then let us by dropping us the comment below.

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