Karl Lagerfeld, the iconic fashion designer, died at age 85 because of a short illness

Karl Lagerfeld officially known as Karl Otto Lagerfeld one of the world-famous creative fashion designers from Germany died at the age of 85 yesterday. He was one of the prime icons in the fashion world, he is a multi-talented person who capable performing the role of a creative director, fashion designer, fashion artist, caricaturist, and a fashion photographer.

Karl Lagerfeld’s Personal Life

The legendary fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld was born on 10th of September in 1933 at Hamburg for Otto Lagerfeld and Elizabeth Lagerfeld. The heart of the 3 fashion house never shared his original date of birth and always misrepresent as 1938.

In fact, Karl Lagerfeld never shared his parent’s identity too. Just like his date of birth, he prefers to misrepresent his parents’ details. Because of his father’s interest in the German-based business, his family was forced to shield from the Privation of World War II.

Karl Lagerfeld Career

After reaching Paris to step into the fashion industry, in 1955 Lagerfeld took part in the coat competition at the age of 16. The competition was sponsored and conducted by the International Wool Secretariat, Karl Lagerfeld won the competition and drew the attention of Pierre Balmain who hired Karl as assistance and promoted him as an apprentice for next 3 years.

Karl Lagerfeld became an artistic director in 1958 and in 1964 he became a freelance fashion designer for multiple brands like Charles Jourdan, Krizia, Chole, and Valentino.

It was in 1967 when Karl noticed by Fendi and hired to modernize the fur line manufactured by them, the innovative thinking for the Karl set the blast in the fashion world. He introduced all new fashion trend of using mole, rabbit and squirrel pelts into the fashion designing world. Owing to his innovative and creative thinking Karl Lagerfeld remained as the heart of Fendi until his death.  

In 1982 the Chanel hired Karl Lagerfeld for the post of the creative designer; the move had brought back life to the company. As Karl Lagerfeld once again stun the fashion world by creative ready-to-wear fashion line.

In 2001, People of the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) targeted Karl for his creative work in Fur related fashion designing. On the event of a premiere fashion show held at Lincoln Center at NYC, the protestors of PETA quoted the fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld as a “Designer Dinosaur” because of his fur collections. The protestors also suggest him to follow the fashion work done by the Klein who doesn’t use Fur on his fashion creativity; they refer to Klein as the Friendly fire and a Great Friend to Animals.

Karl Lagerfeld’s Illness

Well, Karl Lagerfeld shock the world with his weight loss in 2001, he shredded by around 40 kgs. On his explanation of his weight loss Karl Lagerfeld pointed out that he loved to dress differently owing to that I liked to wear the wardrobes designed by the designer Hedi Slimane, who prefers to design wardrobes for the slim boys and not for the like me, so I choose to lose my weight under the vision of my physician Dr. Jean Claude Houdret. In fact, he also released a separate book named “The Karl Lagerfeld Diet”.

In January 2019, the fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld faced several health complications and on 18th of February, he admitted to the American Hospital of Paris because of his health complications. The next morning which is 19th of February 2019, Karl passed away and the exact reason for his death is yet to revealed by the official.

Who has paid tribute?

Several members from the fashion industry have lined up and paid tribute to the legitimate fashion icon for this extreme work in the fashion world. Karl Lagerfeld offered an enormous contribution to the fashion world via his 40 years of service in the fashion industry.

Supermodels, fellow designers other popular icons from worldwide paid their tribute to the loss of Karl in the fashion world.

Melania Trump:

She was one among the famous person who paid her tribute to Lagerfeld by posting a special tweet by sharing the special suit created by Karl for her.

She tweeted as “Today the world lost a creative genius. We will miss you, Karl! #RIPKarlLagerfeld” and posted the picture of her wearing the suit designed by the legend.

Elton John:

Elton John remembered the time with Karl by sharing a black-white picture and Quoted as “What a talent. What an appetite for life. Wonderful and lethal company. Never a dull moment.”

Naomi Campbell

Naami thanked Karl Lagerfeld for letting her know about her path when she was at just 16 years old.

Kim Kardashian 

Kim paid her tribute by recalling her experience on working with Karl on the old days. In fact, she even pointed out that her first ever photo shoot was conducted by Karl.

She tweeted by conveying as “You shot my first fashion shoot and I was so nervous to work with such an icon!” she wrote. “The world is so much chicer because you existed! I am beyond honored to have met you and had the opportunity to work with you. You are so loved and will be so missed”.

Kendall Jenner


Kendall Jenner tweeted as “What an honor to be a part of your beautiful shows. what an honor to be your bride. what an honor to be your friend. RIP Karl, you are greatness in its purest form. we will remember you forever indeed, Virgo.”


Rihanna simply quoted as Karl Lagerfeld as Grandfather

Miley Cyrus


Cyrus paid her tribute by tweeting as “You will never be forgotten … & forever, you’ll be missed. In recent years, We have and will continue to lose so many legends”

Penelope Cruz

On her official Instagram page, Cruz posted as “There will always be a place in my heart for you, my dear Karl. I will never forget your kindness, your generosity and how much we have laughed together. I will truly treasure those moments forever. You have inspired us in so many ways!”

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