Skip Brain Health Supplements and Focus on Healthy Diets

These days it became common among people around the world to consume health or dietary supplements, in order to preserve or improve their brain’s condition. However, experts opt-out in different ways. “Skip brain health supplements and focus on an in-taking proper healthy diet,” say experts.

What Study Says?

Study reports predict a quarter of mid adults who passed 50 likely to consume health supplements, which related to brain issues. However, experts from AARP suggest seniors should skip brain health supplements since; it will not work for them.

Instead of spending a lot on medicines or supplements for boosting brain health, they suggest fresh vegetables and fruits.

Why You Should Skip Brain Health Supplements?

Researchers who study on brain and preventing dementia say, “Not all the medications for brain health are approved by FDA”. Because the FDA will not treat supplements as they treat prescribed medicine by doctors.

Owing to that, supplements tested in labs for the accuracy of the ingredients mixed. In addition, there was not any scientific evidence of ingredient mixture in supplements offers such benefits. However, almost ever products in the market claim their product maintains good brain health.

Hidden Truth on Labels

Well, now many questions will rise among many. Why such an attractive claim by product manufacturers? The answer would be simple it is just marketing tactics! However, if you look deeper into the labels of such supplements you can find a proper explanation from the manufacturer itself.

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“This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, prevent, or cure any disease,” these would be seen in most supplements.

What Experts Suggests?

Instead of spending a lot, one should skip brain health supplements and focus on healthy dietary foods. Here the healthy dietary foods referred by experts are green leafy vegetables and other good nutrition foods.   

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