Drinks to Lower High Blood Pressure Values

Drinks to Lower High Blood Pressure Values

Are you wondering about your high blood pressure? And fearing consuming medicines to lower your high blood pressure? Then consider taking a few home remedies and consuming a few drinks to normalize the values of your blood pressure. Before stepping in-depth about the drinks to lower high blood pressure, let us brush up on some basis.

What is Blood Pressure?

Well, in medial term blood pressure is termed as the pressure of blood, which circulates in the blood vessels of the human body. The pressure of your blood that flows through your blood vessel determines your blood pressure values. Meanwhile, Blood pressure values more than 120 and 80, less than 140 and 90 said as normal blood pressure.

If those values altered then it termed as Low or High blood pressure. There are several medications available to maintain blood pressure under control. However, considering drinks to lower high blood pressure is something easy for many.

Here are the lists of top 3 drinks to lower high blood pressure. Well, many might hear or tasted those drinks but not aware of their benefits.

Top 3 Drinks to Lower High Blood Pressure, normal blood pressure

  1. Green Tea

Though researches shows, all types of tea do not show any link with blood pressure values. However, consuming Green Tea on the long term like 12 weeks or more will have a notable impact on reducing blood pressure values.

  1. Kombucha

Kombucha is a fermented food just like Yoghurt, Kimchi, Tempeh, and Miso.  Kombucha is rich is Probiotics (Beneficial Bacterial) because that it plays an effect impact on high blood pressure values. Consuming Probiotics up to 8 weeks will produce a significant impact on reducing high blood pressure.

  1. Beetroot Juice

Drinking about 150 ml of Beetroot juice on daily basis will bring back your high blood pressure values to the normal state. Because of the presence of Nitrates in Beetroot blood pressure values reduces significantly.

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