Top 10 Best Backpage Alternatives in 2019

Backpage had been one of the most popular options for the classifieds with a specific adult section included. The favorite classifieds site has now closed down. The users are looking for the alternatives for the best that can replace Backpage. While the website was used for listing the classifieds for buying or selling your products and services, it was closed down by the US Department of Justice because of the fact that it contained objectionable content.

Why was Backpage Closed Down?

Backpage was initially launched for sharing your classifieds about the services and products. However, later on, it became notorious for the adult content and selling several adult sex services like escort services, strippers and commercial sex workers.

The aforementioned services along with several others are considered illegal in almost every part of the world. That was one of the sole reasons why the website was shut down. Though a popular classifieds site, it was observed that most of the people visited it only for the banned content like the sexual or other forms of adult services. One of the reasons cited was it promotes sex trafficking.

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That is exactly why several forums are flooded with the requests for the alternatives for Backpage or sites like Backpage. We thought of addressing the void and listing out a few good sites that can work best as the alternatives to Backpage.

Best Backpage alternatives you can check out…


This is one of the most popular options we have been using since long. Do note that you would not be able to find any adult content on the website. The website owners have removed all the adult content from the website already.
Backpage alternatives
However, even without the adult content, Craiglist remains one of the prominent classifieds sites you would find. You can be considered to be one of the best options you would want to go with if you are looking for the list of best Backpage alternatives. You can find services offered across several categories and that is exactly what would make it one of the most preferred classifieds sites.


Bedpage can definitely be the best option as the Backpage replacement. It provides you access to the similar ad services that Backpage was known for. While it may not have all the exact parameters and functions as those offered by Backpage in the good old days, you find it to be one of the best Backpage alternatives.
sites like Backpage
Bedpage offers you access to multiple categories of classifieds, but the ones that were popular on Backpage have been as much popular on Bedpage as well. Though the adult category has been quite popular on the site, it is advisable to use it with precautions. However, you can be assured that the platform is safe to use. You can be assured that your private data is not compromised.


Gebo is a US-based site for posting your classifieds and ads. This can be yet another option for sites like Backpage. With over 3 million visitors, the site has become quite popular among the classifieds ads posting genre. There are hundreds of categories that the site lets you post ads on.
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You can even use the search option to find the right product or service you are looking ahead to. Available in over five countries, Geebo serves you ads mainly based in the US. Some of the categories that you may find the site effective would include Personals, Vehicles, Employment, Real Estate, Construction, and Farm Equipment.


If you are staying in Canada, Kijiji should be the right choice for your needs in classifieds. The site was founded in 2005 and has been one of the popular alternatives to Backpage in Canada. Visited by millions of users across Canada, it can double up as a prime alternative to sites like Backpage and Craiglist.

The site has the strongest Canada presence and serves the local communities for every individual city in the Canadian region. With an ad post rate of two ads every second, it has been considered to be a great alternative to Backpage and one of the prominent classifieds sites in Canada.

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Classified Ads

In case you are looking for the best legitimate alternative to the Backpage, the Classified Ads should be the exactly right choice. You would find that the personals section on the site lets you find the exact content as on Backpage. If you are looking for adult content, you should find a good number of them on the site.

It has been one of the newest Backpage alternatives you can check out. Offering you a high degree of transparent quality of services, the site is serious about the content that is posted on it. It applies a lot of moderation and filters to get through the scam or spam content. In fact, the privacy level offered by the site should be one of the best in the genre.


Hoobly has been around for long. However, after the closure of the Backpage, it has become one of the best options for sites like Backpage. It may not offer you access to a vibrant interface. But, you would find that it is quite diverse and highly reliable. It can be about anything and everything you would want to post on the site.

You can place your ads in multiple categories as per your preferences. You can find practically every event you would be looking for and that includes Announcements and Events, Art, Books, Business and Industrial, Clothing and Accessories, Collectables, Electronics, Employment, and Careers to name just a few. Hoobly features ads for many regions, but there is a wider focus on the US region. There is no explicit option for adult content on the site. But you can post a few personal ads to share with the like-minded people.

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In Conclusion

Well, those were just a few websites that should offer you an excellent option if you are looking for the best alternatives to Backpage. You are forced to have no access to Backpage as it has run into a few serious sorts of issues with the Justice Department. That is why we have listed the best alternatives for your assistance.

Do note that not all the services we have listed here provide you access to the adult content. However, a few of them would provide access to the personal classifieds if you are not in need of heavy usage of such adult services.

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