What Do the Different Poop Colors and Shapes Mean?

Poop Colors and Shapes

Change in poop color and fluctuation in poop constraint is very rare and uncommon. Changes in the color of poop can arise or attract more infectious factors in the digestive system.   Diseases, no doubt are part and parcel of life. But it should not be ignored. It is a discomfort to our whole body system. We must immune our body in such a way that t can fight back all types of disorders and protect us from various bacteria and diseases. Sometimes some diseases are not treated because we don’t understand the symptom and cause. Change in poop color is again an unnoticed disease and we often ignore it. But sometimes poop color changes to different colors. The cause of different colored poop can be due to various factors or sources.

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Be it any disease its cause, symptoms, treatment, and prevention is utmost important only if you understand the cause, you can treat and reduce the disease.

Symptoms for Different poop colors and shapes mean

There are can be various symptoms for different colored poop which are listed below:

  • Facing problems in your biliary system.
  • Factors or problems related to constipation.

There are ‘n’ numbers of causes (cause) which are listed below responsible for causes of different poop-

  • Thin sized stool– With the rapid change in our lifestyle and food habits, we all are attracted to junk foods or street foods. Street foods and junk foods, there is a chance they might not be hygienic and give rise to water-borne diseases, which may give rise to thin sized poops or stool. When we get pruned to water-borne diseases, the first stage is thin sized stool as it affects our digestive system badly, and the digestive system because of virus presence is not able to produce the required bile. It can give rise to diseases like colon, prostate.
  • Yellow-colored Stool– It is also referred to as diarrhea. If a person is consuming foods like carrot or more amount of sweet potato or any food with respect to yellow coloring give rise to yellow colored stool or diarrhea. It also affects the intestine very badly giving rise to stomach pain or stomach aches. An individual is under certain medications, there is a change the bile produced can make the poops yellow in color. Yellow-colored stool indicates that stool pop out contains fat-related constraints. The person affected by diarrhea goes for stool purposes more than 5 times a day. This keeps your body dehydrated and lost in excess of water content from the body.
  • Green colored Stool-The poop or stool turns to be a green color. It can be serious in nature but there are certain common reasons for which stool or poops turns out to be a green color like eating lots and lots of green vegetables or leafy vegetables. The constant change in diet can also result in a green-colored stool. If the bile formation is low, it also can result in a green-colored stool.
  • Stone Shaped Stool-Stone shaped stool or ball-shaped stool appears due to factors like constipation or lack of fiber consumption. This type of stool appears too hard and stiff. Food consumption like brown rice and flakes can improve your stool or poops. Large intestine plays an important part in this scenario, if the muscles are not flexible and not working properly it may lead to disorder and hindrance in bile formation, this gives rise to small-sized or shaped stool. The individual is recommended or advisable to increase the intake of the fiber in a high amount. But a high intake of fiber should be slow and steady. As fibers help in contracting the intestine muscles and make the stool shape back to normal and gives you relief from constipation.
  • Hover (Float) stools– Generally, a normal stool is bigger in size and doesn’t float. A Hover stool keeps on going from one corner to another corner in the sanitary bin. This is because of the increase in the amount of gas constraint or gas factors. If an individual has consumed hard drinks or let say soft drinks, sugar-related food items, this gets an accumulation of gas causing the stools to float. It gives rise to pungent smell. The floating stool may lead to IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). The stool also appears to be greasy, if you are undergoing through malabsorption.


Having stool related disorders may be embarrassing and can bring hindrance in the comfort level of a personSome people don’t visit the doctors, thinking it can be cured by home remedies or it can be cured with the passing of the time. But sometimes the change in poop color and change in poop size can leads to other disorders as well. Pop-out helps in draining out the unwanted particles or unwanted constraint from our body system. But if the normal process is unstructured and stool or poops turn out to be different color and size, it is harmful to our health.

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The change in the color and size of the poop or stool is not a common or normal thing, it shouldn’t be avoided. If the problem persists for more than approximately a day or a two, you should consult a doctor and go for certain medication along with yoga, exercise, and meditation. Like meditation, yoga, or exercise immunes our body and cleans our digestive system and strengths the organs or different parts of our body. This can reduce the cause of changing the poop color into pale or clay color, whereas poop needs to be accumulated in normal color. Causes of change in poop color into different may happen because of the rapid change in food habits or food style. The foods like apricot, carrots, kale, sweet potatoes, green collards, winter squash, turnip greens, or any food with yellow or different colored artificial ingredients cause different color poop or different colored poop.

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