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Proteins Vegans

A good diet is plenty full of and rich with a good amount of protein, vitamins, and other necessary items required for our body. With the rapid change in our lifestyle along with our food habits, we consume a lot of junk foods or street foods. In other words, we can say we consume only those foods which give a good and tickling taste to our taste buds. There are certain people who are diet conscious they take proper care of their diet and are diet oriented but not necessary they consume all types of vegan proteins.

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There are two types of protein source one is animal-based food items(chicken, meat, etc) and the other one is plant-based protein.

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Vegan proteins are usually rich in plant-related protein. Vegan proteins are usually referred to as a meat-free protein. There are different type’s vegan proteins which are listed below:

Different types of Vegan Proteins’ you need to know about are as follows:

  • Lentils– Lentils, be its green lentils or red lentils, they are a rich source of plant proteins. It contains nutrients like potassium and iron and different types of fibers and required nutrients. Lentils can be consumed either in lunch or dinner. Boiled or cooked lentils contains approximately 8 gram of protein.
  • Almonds– An apple a day keeps the doctor away, an almond a day not improves your appetite but improved blood circulation in the brain. Almond is rich in plant proteins. Almonds are monosaturated fats. It is the best source of vitamin E. The almonds can be eaten in the form of raw, toasted, sliced or in the form of flakes. It can be served with milk, butter, and oil. Some individual’s intake almond supplements. Almond contains approximately 16 grams of proteins. Almonds are most effective for skin and eyes. It also helps in balancing the blood sugar level along with blood pressure (B.P). It is advisable to consume approximately 8 to 10 soaked almonds per day.
  • Spirulina– Spirulina is a form of algae that comes in blue or green color. It is rich in nutrients like iron, vitamin-B excluding Vitamin B-12 and manganese. It contains approximately 7 to 8 grams of protein. It is usually taken in the sprinkle form on salads or desired food. It also contains a substance of amino acids. It comprises phosphorous, chlorophyll, RNA, and DNA. It contains proteins more than soybeans, chicken, etc. It improves the immune system and makes a person energetic. It is available in the form of a tablet or powder or can be consumed with milk etc.
  • Peanuts– Peanuts are one of the vegan proteins. It is an oilseed which harvested extensively. Peanuts are known to have approximately 500- 550 calories per 100g. It is a good source of a diet comprising of amino acids, antioxidants which help in improving the blood circulation of the heart and make it healthy and immune to the body from a stroke, certain infections with respect to the viral and fungal constraint. Peanuts are available in the form of oil and butter, chutney or sauce. While consuming peanuts it is important to overlook that you don’t have peanut allergies like vomiting or other irritation. It is also a type of monosaturated fat. The best way to consume peanuts is by roasting it. As roasting of peanuts removes all the toxins.
  • Potatoes-Potatoes are food or item liked by all. Potatoes are consumed in every household. It is also a type of vegan protein. Ideally, potatoes offer approximately 8 grams of protein with respect to the serving. It is devoid of fat, sodium, and cholesterol. It is also known as a storehouse of fiber. It protects the skin from aging and helps the individual in gaining weight. Consumption potato or including it in the diet helps the individual to have a sound and peaceful sleep. It contains approximately 70 to 80 percent of water and rich in vitamins and minerals. It helps in the reduction of inflammation. Potatoes have approximately 8 to 9 percent of fiber content, 6 to 7 percent of carbohydrate content, 3 to 4 percent of calorie content, etc. But the person suffering from diabetes or disease with respect to sugar must avoid potatoes. From our childhood, we all know potatoes must be boiled before peeling as it degenerates the protein contains if boiled after peeling.
  • Slices of bread– When we are talking about bread it is not the traditional form of bread available in the market rather we are talking about Ezekiel Bread. This bread contains lentils, wheat, and all another form of nutrients which provides energy and vitamins to the body. It provides approximately 3 to 4 grams of protein per bread slice. It can be consumed with almond butter or peanut butter.
  • Hemp Seeds-Hemp seeds are also richened with vegan protein. It is generated by a marijuana plant. The scientific name of the marijuana plant is Cannabis Sativa. It can be consumed in the form of raw, toasted, or cooked form. It protects us from heart disease; it cures the dysfunction of the skin or any skin related disease. It provides a similar amount of protein as compared to beef or meat. It reduces the effect of PMS and menopause and improves the women’s reproductive system.


Vegan proteins also provide an equivalent amount of proteins richen with respect to the animal. This can be consumed in the form of diet supplements or protein powder. Before going on any diet or consuming vegan food products or items, it requires proper planning and consultation of a doctor.

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Always non-vegetarian says, vegan people, don’t get proper nutrients as they do not consume meat, chicken, or any other animal protein. But there are varied vegan product or plant-rich food products which give rise to accumulation of amino acids in the body at par animal-based protein products. In short, protein can also be generated if we eat proper plant-based food products. It is highly essential to consume leafy vegetables.

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