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2020 Census Citizenship Question – Justice Department Reverses Trump’s Administration Decision

It was just 24 hours, the Trump’s administration announced the strange decision of not going to ask citizenship question on the upcoming census. However, the justice department of US has now reversed the decision taken by the Trump’s administration. Following that, people are expecting Trump’s administration to add 2020 Census Citizenship Question.

Justice Department on 2020 Census Citizenship Question

The controversial tweet from Trump on 2020 Census Citizenship Question triggers Maryland’s federal judge to step into the issue. Yes! It is true. The justice department lawyers confirmed the involvement of Maryland’s federal judge in the census questioning matter.

Lawyers further added, “Federal Judge in Maryland on Wednesday told try to add a question pointing people’s residential-ship details in 2020 census”.  Meanwhile, the president of the US Trump tweeted “we are absolutely moving forward, as we must on the citizenship question”.

Sudden Shift

Another Justice Department lawyer told the judge as the current trump administration strong on its decision on skipping citizenship question. Further, the lawyer added as the trump administration instructed to start printing materials by skipping 2020 census citizenship question.

Meanwhile, the president tweeted as “I am doing my absolute best to figure out what is going on” over the citizenship question issue. The census bureau continues to print census material as per the instruction given by the Trump Administration.

Whitehouse on late Wednesday conveyed as there discussion going on finding suitable path to resolve citizenship questionnaire issue. Meanwhile, it is ultimately clear that Justice Department is under pressure because of Trump’s decision. Moreover, Mr. Trump reacted angrily over the Supreme Court’s way of handling on Census materials.

It seems like Trump will move ahead to add citizenship question on the census material as per the guidance of court.

“It’s time to move forward to ensure every person in the country is counted,” statement from Supreme Court and Commerce Department.

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