Windows 10 Shows Notifications as They Hit on Your Android Phone

Windows 10 shows notifications as they hit on your Android phone

A recent update on Windows 10 will allow users to stay on top with their mobile notification. Yes! You heard it right! Many might confused after reading this, how this can be possible?  How Windows 10 gets link with Android. Well, for all those questions recent windows 10 update clears it. Now Windows 10 shows notifications for your android phone as they hit.

Windows 10 shows notifications of your Android Phone

Well, the possibility of the linking windows and android becomes exists with the existing Your Phone App. Your Phone App brings the experience of handling your Android phone’s apps, texts, call and so straight into Windows 10.

This is not the first time we hear about the linkage between Windows and Android OS in PC from the maker Microsoft. It was a year ago; news starts to spread all over the tech lovers about this linkage. Now with the presence of Your Phone app, it becomes possible.

Apart from Windows 10 shows notifications through Your Phone app, people can able to interact with their mobile via Your Phone. In addition, you can simply mirror your computer or phone with each other.

 Your Phone App on Galaxy Note 10

The leading Smartphone maker of the world Samsung placed Your Phone as preloaded on its upcoming Galaxy Note 10. Because of Your Phone, Galaxy Note 10 users can mirror their phones with their PC and able to interact directly.

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In addition, they can even preview photos on their android phone in Windows 10 computers. However, users are supposed to wait until the notification support from Microsoft. Where the support will be rollout in the near future.

Meanwhile, the mirroring features already exist in the beta version of Windows 10. In the very near future, Microsoft will roll out this feature to all its Windows 10 users.

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