Mickey Mulvaney Asked to leave Oval Office for coughing by President Trump during ABC interview

Mickey Mulvaney Asked to leave Oval Office

The President of the USA, Donald Trump once again gets into the media discussion. This time its due to the way he treated their chief of staff Mickey Mulvaney starts coughing when Trump was answering the question. On Sunday 16th June, Mr. President was giving a general interview to ABC News at the Oval office.

The American president Trump had always been part trending topic to media gossips. In fact,  social media teasing him by posting his unpredictable behavior and uncertain decisions. This Sunday, while he was giving answers to the “This Week” anchor George Stephanopoulos about his tax returns and financial statement. He unexpectedly requested to do another take, which fumed social media a lot.

Trump Interrupted While Answering to Stephanopoulos Question

Stephanopoulos asked a question and Trump said, “I hope they get it, it’s a fantastic financial statement”.  Suddenly, he stops answering and points Mulvaney’s coughing. He stopped his answer and said “he’s coughing in the middle of their answer. I just don’t like to be interrupted between talk by looking towards Mulvaney

I Don’t Like That’ – Trump Said to Mickey Mulvaney

Trump continued to point towards Mulvaney and said: “I don’t like that, you know, I don’t like that”. Then Stephanopoulos saw that he’s pointing towards Mickey Mulvaney, who is the chief of their staff.

Trump went on with his aggression by asking Mulvaney to leave the room immediately if he’s going to cough. Although it’s unclear whether Mulvaney left or not! Trump returned to his answer from where he left.

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Adding further, President Trump said that he would like to publish his financial statement at some point. He also said people can be able to see that “phenomenal” statement and that depends upon his lawyer’s opinion.

Trump’s Controversial Statement

Trump made many controversial and highly-teased statements in this interview. In fact, he claimed that he’s going to take data about his opponents in 2020 elections from foreign governments without concern to the FBI.

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