Climate Crisis: Top 5 Things a President Can Actually Do

Climate Crisis

The worldwide climate crisis requires complete co-operation from all nations. The Presidents of the United States of America can independently make climate policies. In general, congressional approval is required for the majority-Republican Senate floor that is coal country.

Top 5 things President Can Actually Do To Tackle Climate Crisis

1. Aim at 100% Carbon-free:

The US President should declare a 100% goal of de-carbonization by a certain future year. Also, the president should direct the secretaries of the cabinet to act to meet the requirements for tackling Climate Crisis.

2. Set the Zero-Emission Deadline in the USA:

There are 10 states that have chosen complete zero-emission goals for automobiles by 2030. In August, Colorado’s joining the group as an example for the Federal Government to follow or improve.

3. Select Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs:

The US buildings are lit with energy-efficient light bulbs known as Green New Deal. There was a huge backlash in light bulbs during Obama’s administration in 2011. As a result, people now allowed to use standard light bulbs. Trump signed to make all federal buildings more efficient that would cut down on emissions.

4. Roll Back of Fuel Economy Standards:

During Trump’s administration, different fuel economy standards have been allotted for cars and trucks. Since California is waivered from “Clean Air Act”, it can use its own fuel economy standards. California agreed to meet with a 51 mpg by 2026 with Ford, Honda, Volkswagen, and BMW. Since the state is the largest automaker in the US, other companies would follow their foot-step.

5. Slowdown Interest in Oil and Gas Pipelines:

The Clean Water Act passed to protect oil and natural gas in the US to address Climate Crisis. However, Trump modified the safety regulations for oil and gas producers. Thus, the federal government has more power to challenge any state blocking against the Clean Water Act.

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