Linda Collins Smith, Former Arkansas State Senator Killed. Authorities arrested the Killer

Former state Sen. Linda Collins Smith

The authorities of Arkansas had arrested women who murder the former Arkansas State Senator Linda Collins. For your information, the former state Senator Linda Collins-Smith found dead at her home in Randolph County, Arkansas earlier this month.

In response, the Arkansas Authorities took a steep action to find the suspect who killed the former state Senator. Because of the sincere act authorities arrested Rebecca Lynn O’Donnell who killed the former Senator Linda Collins.

About Linda Collins-Smith

Linda Collins-Smith elected as the Arkansas Senate in 2014 for the first time.  Though she was with the Democrat party later she chooses to switch sides and joined the Republican Party.

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On June 4th of 2019, she found dead at her home. Including Linda, Republican Part had lost two of the former state Senators within the 2 days time gap. A day after Linda found dead, Jonathan Nichols one of the former State Sen. found dead at his home located in Oklahoma. Reports suggest both incidents have no links and it’s truly unrelated.

Statement over the Linda Collins case released by the Arkansas Police

On Friday, both the state police and the Randolph County sheriff jointly released a press statement. In which they said as they detained women, Rebecca Lynn O’Donnell the prime suspect of the former state Sen. Linda Collins.

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While reporters about to interrogate further on this issue, Arkansas’s authority refused to reveal any information regarding this case as the investigation is still going on. Authority added as “Collins-Smith’s death is being investigated as a homicide”.

Condolences from Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson 

Condolences for Linda Collins Smith Death
Condolences for Linda Collins-Smith Death

The Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson gave his condolences on this shocking incident.

Asa Hutchinson quoted “Linda Collins was a good person who served in the public arena with passion and conviction.” Arkansas Governor further added as “The first lady and I extend our deepest sympathies to her family and friends during this difficult time”.

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