Windows Core OS in Microsoft’s dual-screen Surface will support Android Apps

Windows Core OS (WCOS)

Well, if you are a techie person then you may aware of this awesome news on Windows Core OS (WCOS). Okay, lets brief about what awesome in that Microsoft WCOS. Many might aware of about Microsoft is working on its secret new dual-screen surface device for several months. Those dual-screen gadgets will come with WCOS that allows users to run android apps.

About Microsoft’s Dual-Screen Surface Device

Microsoft’s dual-screen Foldable Surface Phone
Microsoft’s dual-screen Foldable Surface Phone

The entire world is moving towards the smaller handy pocket-size gadgets but Microsoft think differently and working on the larger surface device. Well, the upcoming Microsoft’s dual-screen surface device will feature with a 9-inch screen with an aspect ratio of 4:3.

Meanwhile, The presence of Microsoft Windows Core OS in the upcoming codenamed Centaurus dual-screen device will support Android apps.

About Microsoft Windows Core OS

WCOS is an operating system, which is under development by the maker Microsoft for the past few months. The Entire plan of introducing Microsoft Windows Core OS is the lightweight version of Windows.  Well, this move of Microsoft surprises many. On the other hand, experts suggest as the company plans to withstand its position in the Universal Windows Platform.

In addition, HIS Markit predicts, the upcoming dual-screen surface device from Microsoft will feature with the latest Intel’s 10nm processors.

Expected Features of Microsoft’s Upcoming dual-screen Device

  • Intel’s latest 10nm along with LTE or 5G Connectivity
  • Dual-screen surface Devices from Microsoft might include Microsoft’s Courier Concept, Foldable displays and more
Microsoft’s Courier concept
Microsoft’s Courier concept

Microsoft’s Future Plan With Windows Core OS

Subsequently, By launching a universal windows platform, Microsoft will launch its own Android app store and invites the developer community to add apps. Also, it plans to convince developers to modify apps to run without Google Play Services. To be frank, Huawei too is in the same position and tried to replicate the Android App store but it failed. Let us see, what Microsoft does in the market.

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