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Amazon Prime Day 2019 Sales – Millions of Americans waiting for it

Prime Day 2019 starts July 15
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If you are an online shopper then you might be well aware of the Amazon Prime Day 2019 sales. The day, which millions of Americans are eagerly waiting, is around the corner. Those who gained the prime membership with Amazon will never want to miss this amazing prime day sales. There will be huge discounts on a wide range of products.

When is Amazon Prime Day 2019?

This will be a million-dollar question among several Americans for the past few days. The annual shopping day, literally known as Amazon Prime Day scheduled to start from July 15-July 16 this year.

Well, this special day of sales started in 2015 when the company celebrated its 20th birthday. Ever since it continues to offer special discounts on that particular day for its consumers. Since 2015, Amazon Prime Day treated like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Because of its specialty, people take advantage of buying items at discounted rates right in the mid of July.

Meanwhile, in an official statement, the company has said, as this year special sales will goes for 48 hours.

Who can gain benefits from the prime day deal?

US prime members will enjoy the special discounts and deals for their purchase on Amazon’s special day sales. In addition, the Amazon prime day 2019 sales will be open to several other countries like India, UK, Japan, and so.

In fact, peoples from Singapore, Canada, France, Germany, China, Australia, UAE, Netherlands, Italy, and Belgium too can take part.

2019 Prime Day Deals


As expected home improvement items like Smart TV, Electronic Gadgets, Kindle Products, and so will get huge deals. In addition, there are several products will be listed as “Lowest Price Ever” in this special 2019 holiday sales.

Those who look to upgrade their gears, this would be the right time to do.

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