How to Do Openload Pairing for streaming movies online?

Openload pairing

Openload pairing is a popular streaming website that allows you to watch free Hollywood and English movies endlessly. Although Openload is not encouraged by producers, yet it does not count for less. It has offered a wide range of movie collections to viewers since its inception. Openload acts as a host for Kodi to store all your files on your streaming device i.e. like how you use dropbox for file repository.

To do this, you should perform an Openload pairing. In order to use these files, users should upload their media files to Openload and share them as a link. You do not have any indexing to follow for searching movies or media but have to go along with the flow that the website offers.

This blog takes you through what is Openload streaming and why do you have to use it; how to download movies from Openload, how to perform Openload pairing, what are alternative links for Openload streaming, and more.

What is Openload streaming and why should we use it?

Openload is one of the most wanted and critical webservers to stream movies online even from locations you cannot watch or download movies. It highly secures your identity from spammers and robots and can access only by protected users. You can only see English movies in Openload to stream and watch, and movies in Spanish are not available. These are the technical specifications that Openload conveys its users while downloading the app.

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You can search the app name as Openload with version 0. Moreover, the file size is very minimal of 4MB and requires a mobile operating system of Android 4.0 and more. The available language is English and the last date of the app update was 25, December 2018 with free licensing.

How to get through private Openload streaming?

In spite of being the most critical databases for online streaming, Openload protects your machines from exposing to hackers and spammers. To perform private streaming with Openload, follow these instructions:

  • Connect and configure your Firestick, Android, or any other streaming device to a secure untraceable IP address using a VPN app.
  • Now visit to pair your IP address with a client on a similar network to avail four hours of streaming.

Steps to download movies from Openload

  • Turn on your VPN and connect with an IP address that offers high-speed Internet.
  • Open a browser tab and key in the URL
  • If you see the message I’m not a robot to start with now, click on that. Clear the captcha test to prove that you are a human and not to hack servers.
  • Now press the Couple button and you can see olpair windows that you have matched with. Once it is done, you can use Openload streaming on any third-party app such as Kodi.
  • If you have a Godspeed VPN then you need not change your IP address.
  • Make sure that your Internet or VPN is not interrupted anytime; otherwise, you might have to repeat the whole process again.
  • By doing so, you can access Openload streaming continuously for 4 hours.

How to perform Openload pairing?

Openload pairing is simple to perform if you can follow these instructions properly.

  • Enable your VPN and connect it to a good IP address.
  • Open a tab on your browser and enter the URL https:/
  • Confirm that you are not a robot by clearing the captcha test.
  • Now press the Pair button and you will see a message that olpair windows you are paired now.
  • Openload pairing is complete now and you can use Openload streaming on any third-party apps.

What alternative links are available for Openload Streaming in 2020?

However, we know that Openlaod streaming allows watching only movies in English, very soon, it has planned for free streaming and downloading of the latest movies in Tamil, Malayalam and Dubbed movies in Hindi. Due to being a pirated website, it gets blocked by the Cyber and Anti-piracy cell of the Indian government. Therefore, for the convenience of users, the following links can be used as alternatives–Openload.VIP,,,, Openload.fu,,,,, Openload.CCV,,,,, and

What are the features of Openload APK?

To enjoy unlimited streaming of movies on your streaming device through Openload, you should jailbreak Kodi, which in other terms we call it as a pairing. With the features of Openload APK,

  • You can watch your all-time preferred video series online.
  • You can also download your favorite videos and watch them offline.
  • If you are using your Openload app after a long time, make sure it does not crash after updating it.
  • You do not find streaming through Openload much complicated, as it has a simple user interface.
  • Your Smartphone stays strong even after installing the Openload APK file because it is light in size.

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If the Openload streaming server throws an error then you should understand that you require authorization by pairing your app with the device to play videos. As most users have a complication in pairing the Openload app with Kodi, this blog can be a solution to the problem.


Although Openload streaming is a free app to stream and watch movies, without Openload pairing, you cannot watch videos through your streaming device. Make use of the instructions specified in this blog and download and watch videos of your favorite movies. If you do not find the original URL of Openload streaming working, try with any of the links mentioned in the previous section of this blog and enjoy watching unlimited movies through uninterrupted streaming.

If you have any queries or require any support on how to download movies from Openload streaming or how to do Openload pairing, feel free to reach our customer support executives for help. You can send a chat message with your query or write to us through e-mail; our team will revert to you with the appropriate solution within the stipulated timeline.

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