How to Register and Use Standard Chartered Online Banking India?

Standard Chartered Online Banking India

Standard Chartered online banking India is popular among customers for its sophisticated usage. Why do we use online banking in general? It is easy and instant to access 24/7 and not every time it is possible to go to bank carry out required banking and financial services. You need not worry about paying your bills, as you can make it through online banking effortlessly and relaxed. Why Standard Chartered online banking India is so exceptional and why should you know about it? Sometimes, rather than saying it through text, it gives more effect when you experience doing it. Using Standard Chartered online banking is also a kind of one that gives a better user experience while using. Read through this article and know the reasons.

Why should you use Standard Chartered online banking India?

Standard Chartered is a multinational bank that offers a plethora of banking services online. Considering the present COVID-19 outbreak, the bank has eased its services for customers to transact right from the place they are, without taking the effort to visit the bank. Standard Chartered formed by merging chartered banks of India and Australia and standard banks of British and the United States of America. Now you would have got why the name Standard Chartered.

However, Internet banking follows as a trend to make transactions or payments since its inception, Standard Chartered online banking India emphasizes on using it purposefully. You can pay your credit card bills, electricity bills; make multiple fund transfers to own accounts as well as third-party accounts. You do not have a passbook; instead, you get e-statements for the transactions you have done.

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When you make an online purchase, you can pay within seconds using Standard Chartered online banking, and you get a record of all your transactions at zero charges. Moreover, you can directly pay any credit card through Standard Charted Internet banking by staying relaxed at home.

Benefits of online banking

  • You get around the clock access to your account and services
  • Fund transfers happen within seconds; it is that speed and efficiency as well
  • You can make bill payments right from the place you are
  • Charges are low for making transactions through Internet banking, where it could cost you more when done fund transfers through visiting the bank directly
  • You get high-interest rates on any deposits you make such as recurring deposit, fixed deposits, etc. if done through Internet banking
  • Current accounts get more limit on overdraft facility at lower interest rates through online banking
  • You can watch what is happening to your account immediately when there is a breach or get alerts to your phone as well

How to get registered to use Standard Chartered online banking India?

Register with Standard Chartered online banking and be a part of go green and say no to paper. If you got questions on how to avail of these facilities, here are the steps you can follow and register your Standard Chartered account for Internet banking. You have two options to register for online banking with Standard Chartered, but you should be a Standard Chartered bank account holder.

Online method

If you have a credit or debit card issued by Standard Chartered bank, you can follow these steps, not net banking registration:

  • Open the official website of Standard Chartered bank on your browser
  • Now navigate to the login page and click on New Registration
  • When it displays fields to fill in your credit or debit card details, enter them in the respective field
  • Make sure that your mobile number is linked to your bank account, debit or credit card; otherwise it is difficult to proceed with the online method
  • Once you enter the required details, you will receive a one-time password (OTP) on the registered mobile number
  • Key in the OTP in the relevant space provided and go to the next page
  • Now create your user ID and password by providing unique names so that others cannot remember it.
  • All done with this step and now you are registered for Internet banking with Standard Chartered bank

Offline method

This is a one-time process so that after registration, you may not need to go to the bank often.

  • Approach a nearby branch of the Standard Chartered bank and get the Internet banking activation form.
  • Fill in the required details as per the form and submit it to the respective bank executive for processing.
  • Once you submit, within a week or ten days, you will receive your Internet banking credentials to the registered address with the bank.
  • However, your Internet banking account may ready to use already, so you can use it right away logging in from the Standard Chartered login page.

How to make transactions using Standard Chartered online banking?

Standard Chartered online banking India is simple and flexible to use for any banking transactions. Before making a transaction, you should add a beneficiary to transfer the amount. After you log into your Standard Chartered online account, look for a beneficiary list that may show the option for adding a beneficiary and transferring funds accordingly.

Make sure that you log off your Internet banking after usage; if not, do not worry, within a stipulated time period, you automatically logged off from the current session. Standard Chartered bank ensures safety and security to its customer’s funds; hence online banking logins with more idle time, the system logs out automatically when the session expires.


Despite any pandemic condition, Internet banking is a need for every citizen. We are all educated and know how to safeguard our money from breaking fraudulent. Although many of you might be using Standard Chartered online banking India, this blog might be helpful to those who have an account but not online banking.

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