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Google Maps Alerts about Crowded Trains and Late Buses

Planning journey in public transportation is always a hectic job to do. In the case of public transportation in urban areas, it is better to opt for a private vehicle for travel. Because public transportation in urban areas is a risky deal for people who always runs in a tight schedule. To avoid such hassles, Google wants to alert people about late buses or crowded trains via Google Maps Alerts.

Google Maps Alerts on Live Traffic

In the past, people would witness the road traffic updates and this becomes handy for those who travel in private vehicles. Now Google Maps alerts includes details of late buses and crowded subways/trains, which is useful for people using public transportation.

If you are receiving an update on your play store just go for it since it will bring you the live traffic updates for buses and subways. Meanwhile, Google already started to deliver the delay information in certain selected cities. Very soon, it will roll over its update to its users worldwide.

For people who for train/subways instead of buses, Google maps alerts you with the information of crowd details. These updates are available/offer to users in real time, because of that now people can either wait or opt for another mode of transportation.

Who can benefit from this update?

Of course, it will be beneficial for all those who are in the urge to travel. In addition, people who are usually traveling to their office using public transportation will find pretty handy.

After updating Google Map on your Smartphone, anyone can avail this feature. Google would tell you “hey, the subway is going to be crowded.” Such alert from Google allows you to be prepared.

This new features will be available in both the iOS and Android platform. With such handy tech guides, now people can have a hassle-free life. Let us see what all other mighty things Google can deliver.

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