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Honda Recalls 1.6M Vehicles to Replace Takata Airbags

Honda Recalls 1.6M vehicles to replace Takata Airbags
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On Friday, the automaker Honda announced as it going to recall its last set of vehicles for repair. In a statement released by the automaker, Honda recalls 1.6M vehicles from the US for replacing faulty parts.

Moreover, it also added as Honda recalling millions of vehicles six months prior to the schedule. Messy Takata Airbag will change in this recall, so far the automaker changed 22.6M inflators from 12.9M vehicles.

About Takata Airbag Scandal

Car models manufactured by 19 different automakers in-between 2002 to 2015 installed with airbags made by Takata. Those installed airbags have the potential risk of explosive deploy and because of that, it led to injury or life threading to passengers.  Owing to that, several automakers recalled their cars to replace the airbag inflator.

Well, the air bag’s inflator contains a metal cartridge loaded with propellant wafers that can be ignited with explosive force. Because of that explosive force, car occupants will face the potential risk of facing massive damage.

Honda Recalls 1.6M vehicles

Just like other top automakers, Honda recalls 1.6M vehicles, which will be the last recall from the automaker. Because of reports from NHTSA, which points 24 deaths and 300 injuries automakers planned to replace the faulty part.

List of models recalled by Honda

Are you worried about your car too having a faulty inflator! Then here are the lists of vehicles recalled by the automaker, Honda which can help you. If you found your car in that list of Honda Recalls 1.6M vehicles, then take your vehicle to Honda service center and fix it.

  • 2001-2012 Honda Accord
  • 2010-2015 Honda Crosstour
  • 2001-2011 Honda Civic
  • 2002-2011 Honda CR-V
  • 2011-2015 Honda CR-Z
  • 2003-2011 Honda Element
  • 2007-2014 Honda Fit
  • 2010-2014 Honda Insight
  • 2002-2004 Honda Odyssey
  • 2003-2015 Honda Pilot
  • 2006-2014 Honda Ridgeline
  • 2003 Acura 3.2CL
  • 2013 Acura ILX
  • 2003-2006 Acura MDX
  • 2015 Acura RDX
  • 2005-2012 Acura RL
  • 2002-2003 Acura 3.2TL
  • 2009-2014 Acura TL
  • 2009-2014 Acura TSX
  • 2010-2013 Acura ZDX

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