American Airlines Ordered 50 Airbus Jets by Skipping Boeing

American Airlines

After two deadly crashes, Boeing Co. has been grounded as of early 2019. Its rival Company Airbus SE has created a new XLR with long-range, single-aisle jets. Owing to that, American Airlines Group Inc. has ordered 50 planes from Airbus SE.

Details of XLR of Airbus SE:

Airbus SE brought to light its new A321XLR on 17th June 2019. Since it is fuel-efficient and also a narrow-body jetliner. Moreover, it would fly between Europe and mid-America. XLR of Airbus would fly trans-Atlantic routes using a single-aisle plane without any expensive wide-bodies.

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The range of this jet would be around 4,700 nautical miles. And it would be able to carry from 230 to 270 passengers. The smaller jets with updated super-efficient engines and smaller body size would connect fliers “point to point”.

Details about Purchase Orders of American Airlines 50 Airbus Jets:

American Airlines wants to change the existing 30 orders for other Airbus single-aisle lanes to the new XLR. Moreover, American Airlines want to purchase 20 more of the new XLR. On Wednesday, 19th June 2019, the manufacturer has confirmed about America’s first XLR is due for delivery in 2023.

In addition to Americans, Barry Biffle, Chief Executive of Frontier Airlines, confirmed the US discount and buying 18 XLR for trans-Atlantic service. This number might extend to 100-150 in the long-term plan.

Also, On 19th June 2019, Qantas Airways Ltd. ordered 36 midsized planes. Partners of Indigo (Frontier Airlines Inc., Europe’s Wizz A9ir Holdings PLC, and JetSmart in Chile) purchased 50 XLR for using a budget carrier.

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Similarly, British Airways parent International Consolidated Airlines Group SA ordered the XLR plane. XLR plane is for Aer Lingus and Spanish unit Iberia to fly to the U.S. These are new orders for adding planes to the trans-Atlantic route. JetBlue Airways Corporation already added planes to fly from East Coast to London using single-aisle jets.

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