FedEx accused by Huawei to redirect documents to the US

FedEx accused by Huawei to redirect documents to the US

The fight of Huawei with the US is continuously increasing and has taken rather a strange way. FedEx has been accused by Huawei for redirecting two of its packages meant for China. Also, they try to reroute the two more packages to other Asian offices which were sent from Vietnam.

According to Huawei, the diverted packages went to the US and contained “no technology” as there were only some commercial documents. To give images of tracking records it went so far though it didn’t provide a specific reason that why it thought the packages were diverted to the US.

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A spokesperson said the alleged diversions “undermines (Huawei’s) confidence,” and Huawei was angry at any rate. He also added that as a result Company would have reviewed once more its logistic needs. Moreover, it has already filed an objection with the postal regulator of China.

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Spokeswomen from FedEx give a statement that the packages were diverted “in error” and completely denied that the government of the United States or anybody else had asked to send them any other place. She added that it was “working directly” with companies for returning the packages to the people for whom they are packed.

However, because of all this, there were many arguments over nothing; it clearly shows the growing outrage of Huawei over the United States trade ban. The company has seen many of its vital US partners already, including Intel as well as Google cutting off access to parts in an unexpected manner.

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