Top 10 Sites to Download Bollywood Movies

Top 10 Sites to Download Bollywood Movies

Fans of Hindi movies from Bollywood watched and downloaded movies online using the torrent method. However, the Indian Government banned all torrent sites preventing fans world-wide to download Bollywood movies. Sites to Download Bollywood Movies were launched by many Webhosting Companies became popular alternatives.

Top 10 Sites to Download Bollywood Movies from the Internet


Worlfree4u offers 300MB versions of Hindi movies including Bollywood films for users with a slow internet connection. The site also has links to trailers such that viewers can familiarise themselves with unknown releases. Some popular Hollywood movies are presented on site. Worldfree4U, one of the top Sites to Download Bollywood Movies, provides viewers with an easy-to-use User-Interface.

Bollywood fans can find titles using the search bar on the right-hand side of the screen. They can go through the movies categorized in the menu section on top of the window. Fans can scroll down the list of latest released Bollywood movies present on the right-hand side of the home-page.


Gofilms4u offers a vast selection of Bollywood movies in addition to other Indian ones. Amongst Sites to Download Bollywood Movies, Gofilms4U allows users options to download high quality and sizes. These include HQ, 640p, and 360p resolutions while supporting formats namely AVI, MP4, and 3GP.

Bollywood and Gofilms4U fans can globally access the website via all platforms without any VPN access. The web-page is well-designed, sleek, and concise having clear, adequate-sized thumbnails depicting main information on films. As per the latest feature, users can request for adding movies to the Gofilms4U’s database.


HD-Movies point offers a simple functional user-interface making it one of the popular Sites to Download Bollywood Movies. Located at the top of the home-page, there is a menu comprising of various movie categories. In addition to Hindi Bollywood movies, categories include Action, Animation, Comedy, Hollywood, Horror, and Sci-Fi.

The “Request” section allows Bollywood fans to suggest adding any movie they desire. On clicking the “Bollywood” category on the menu, viewers discover the loss of popular Hindi film titles. Each film shows a thumbnail, short story of the plot, and facilities to download and watch.


YouTube, the world’s largest streaming site, offers a wide range of Bollywood movies. Also, it allows users to upload audios and videos of varying qualities. Users bypass YouTube’s strict copyright policy and upload one movie in numerous parts forcing multiple downloads.

YouTube downloading requires top quality, online video downloader compatible with the operating platform. Windows uses Freemake Video Downloader or YTD Video Downloader. Mac uses Airy YouTube Downloader. Android uses TubeMate while iOS uses iTube HD Video Downloader (free and paid versions).

5. Bollywood Movies Download:

Bollywood Movies Download is hosted by a Company with the same name. To be frank, the Bollywood Movies Download is one of the free and most reliable Sites to Download Bollywood Movies.

The name of the Company is the same as the site – Bollywood Movies Download. Users are drawn to advertisements and pop-ups spend a lot of quality time. This site is considered a phishing site that does not provide users with any attractive user-interface.

6. MP4 Mobile Movies:

MP4Mobile Movies is hosted by a Company of the same name. Unlike many sites, MP4Mobile Movies is totally free, reliable, and none- phishing site for downloading Bollywood movies. In addition, the MP4Mobile Movies offers an extensive collection of movies but, some movies may not show the best quality subtitles. Also, the quality of movies may not be the best or consistent every time. This is because users usually generate sources of the movies.

On finding broken or dysfunctional links to some Bollywood movies, viewers should alert the administrator. Within a few days, those links are rectified and made fit for download of Bollywood movies. MP4 Mobile Movies highlights box office movies and collection of a wide range of diverse Hindi movies.

7. Club MP4:

Club MP4 is hosted by a Company with the same name. In addition, the Club MP4 also offers mostly a collective of MP4 and hence the name. Additionally, the site provides users with other file types. Viewers can take advantage of the extensive genres into which movies are categorized. This site is a well-known site for easy searching and finding the Bollywood movie of interest.

Club MP4 offers facilities to guest users and registered members who receive enhanced services and functions. Since the site is generated by users there are times when the links are not functional. Before clicking on download, it is advisable to check the availability of the selected file.

8. New 3GP Movies:

New 3GP Movies owned and supported by the Company named New 3GP Movies Pt. Ltd.  Most people think the search for big-sized .mkv or .vlc files thinking those offer high-quality movies. In reality, New 3GP Movies offers valuable smaller file extensions of 3gp videos of low quality.

This site offers movies in a wide range of genres, and categories in Hindi and Tamil. Viewers can easily contact the administrators of the site. They can report and repair any broken or dysfunctional links. Regular users of New 3GP Movies enjoy the reliability of the site.

9. Movies Den:

Movies Den owned by a Company with the same name. Also, Movies Den not only offers a wide collection of movies but also methods of downloading. This site is the home to a variety of generic good movies to everyone’s likings.

It is the most sought after site for downloading movies from multiple sources. Most modern people prefer direct downloading while some still like using the torrent method. Movies Den offers both downloading options drawing several satisfied users. They either register as permanent members or remain anonymous.

10. Movies Maza:

The Company named Movies Maza Inc owns the site, Movies Maza.  It has an unattractive, deceiving looking user-interface. Yet, Movies Maza is one of the most functional Sites to Download Bollywood Movies.

Users can download high-quality MP4 Bollywood movies from various genres present in this site. Registered members enjoy several privileges.

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