Top 10 Best Diwali Gift Ideas For 2019

Well, festival season is here, people in India now start looking for the best Diwali Gift Ideas. Gifting beloved ones in this festive occasion is one of the traditions followed by Indians over the years. On knowing that, India’s top eCommerce sites Amazon and Flipkart starts offering exciting offers and discounts in this festival season.

Diwali Gifting Ideas from Ecommerce Sites

Best Diwali Gift Ideas

Best Diwali Gift Ideas, available in Amazon, Flipkart, and others, offer major deals. During Flipkart’s Big Billion Day Sale, Google’s Home Mini smart speakers would cost less than Rs 2,299. Google’s smart speakers on sale are available in limited-edition and in various colors of coral. Also, Google is offering a special offer including Home Mini along with Syska LED smart bulbs. This package would cost around Rs. 2,399.

Google Home Mini smart speaker can understand and converse in English and Hindi languages. These make excellent personal assistants and digital companions to all family members of all ages. In addition, Google Home Mini performs tasks including alarms, playing music, streaming media, reading news, reminders, and more.

Diwali Gifting Ideas from Ecommerce Sites

Additionally, it can be programmed to narrate bedtime stories to children. In this Diwali, present your family and another lovable homemaker with an amazing Google’s Home Mini. Also, here in this article, we have listed out the top 10 best Diwali Gift Ideas for 2019.

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Diwali 2019 Date, Time & Importance:

Diwali is an Indian Hindu festival celebrated for 5 consecutive days. In 2019, Diwali would be celebrated on Sunday, 27th October, or on Monday, 28th October. The details of the 5 days have been discussed as follows

  1. On 1st day (Dhanteras), people traditionally buy gold, silver, or at least two new utensils. Purchasing metals brings good luck.
  2. On the 2nd day (Narak Chaturdasi/Choti Diwali), before sunrise, people take an oil bath with Ubtan.
  3. On 3rd day (Lakhsmi Puja), people in every household worship Lakshmi, Goddess of wealth. People clean their homes spotlessly and leave lighted lamps in the evenings to welcome Goddess Lakshmi. Also, on Lakhsmi Puja day, people distribute sweets and exchange gifts amongst family members and friends.
  4. On 4th day (Govardhan Puja), people perform Govardhan Puja or Gaudi Padwa. This day marks the coronation of King Vikramaditya as well as the commencement of Vikaram-Samvat. The south Indian people celebrate Gaudi Padwa symbolizing love and devotion between husband and wife. The north Indians perform Govardhan Puja in memory of Lord Krishna’s lifting of the Mount Govardhan. Also, on this 4th day, Annakoot meaning mountain of food is observed.
  5. On the 5th day (Bhai Dooj), sisters pray so that their brothers are blessed with long lives. In return, brothers gift their sisters as a token of love.

10 Best Diwali Gift Ideas For Ladies And Home Makers:

Ladies and homemakers spend their time comforting all family members. This Diwali gift them to show your affection and gratitude.

1. Kitchen Accessories:

Kitchen AccessoriesLadies and home makers awake early morning to cook. They prepare nutritious meals for family members going outdoors to work and study. Diwali gifts include kitchen accessories that save time and energy by easing daily chores. Some kitchen accessories include Gas Stoves, Pressure cookers, Blenders, and Mixer grinders.

2. Baking tools and dishes:

Baking tools and dishes

Modern ladies and home makers enjoy trying their hands-on baking using an oven or microwave. They bake cookies, muffins, cakes, and others that need special baking trays and loaf-dishes. In today’s market, there are various cookie-cutters for making different shapes for different occasions.

3. Designer Serving Ware:

Designer Serving Ware

Ladies and homemakers enjoy serving dishes in designer serving ware or dinner sets. Today, there is a wide range of collective designers including Manish Arora to Chef Ranveer Brar. Best Diwali Gift Ideas is to purchase one of the designers set available at a discount rate. This gifted item remains within the family for personal use and entertaining guests.

4. Gift Idols:

Gift Idols

Right before Diwali, purchase idols of Lord Ganesha, Lord Kubera, Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess Kali, and Shivling. Ladies and home makers place those idols in the most sacred corner of their home. In addition, Lord Ganesha, known for prosperity, success, and wisdom, worshipped before all others. Goddess Lakshmi is predominately worshipped on the main Diwali day. Lord Kubera, known for wealth and prosperity, people mainly worships for availing profit in business. Every day brings out the appropriate idol for worshipping.

5. Jewelry:


Ladies and home makers love adorning themselves with pieces of jewelry. Also, these jewels available in various materials such as gold, silver, semi-precious stones, diamonds, and more. Best Diwali Gift Ideas is purchasing gold or silver jewelry on the auspicious Dhanteras. Gift it to your beloved wife on Gaudi Padwa depicting your affection and love for her. Additionally, you can gift your younger sister who prays for your long life on Bhai Dooj.

6. Bluetooth speakers:

Bluetooth speakers

Best Diwali Gift Ideas for online shoppers is to buy Bluetooth speakers starting at Rs. 300. These Bluetooth speakers are attractive. These are also portable and easily movable to any place wherever the listeners go. Bluetooth speakers make excellent gifts for ladies and home makers who enjoy listening to music.

7. Humidifiers:


Humidifiers are essential commodities in the winter seasons right after Diwali in most Indian northern states. A humidifier keeps the layers of skin moist and healthy, especially during the dry winter months. Ladies and home makers wishing to look younger would welcome humidifier.

8. Potted Plants:

Potted Plants

Potted plants, readily available from online stores, make excellent Diwali gifts for ladies and home makers. Meanwhile, these pots literally made with ceramic having various colors and designs. Because of it, these pots drag the attention of the viewers. Apart from that, the pots look attractive and can be a decor item. Well, these plant pots can be kept in th3e light or at the shades depending on the plants you choose. These indoor plants are easy to take care and they purify the surrounding air.

9. Handmade Chocolates:

Handmade Chocolates

Handmade chocolates are always dear to ladies and home makers with a sweet tooth. These days, popular bakeries make and sell handmade chocolates. Moreover, those handmade Chocolates wrapped in colorful foils and made into gift baskets for the Diwali season.

10. Gift cards:

Gift cards

Gift cards are the Best Diwali Gift Ideas for ladies and home makers fussy about items. To be frank, Gift cards from travel portals, online shopping sites, and shopping malls can be purchased and presented. Ladies and home makers can avail the total amount in a gift cards for purchasing anything they desire. These could be a trip to another destination, shoes/handbags/clothes from a designer shop, and more.

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Bottom Line:

Gifting ladies and home makers during the Diwali festival is an awesome way to show you care. It is a great way to ring in the New Year in north India. Moreover, who wouldn’t love to receive gifts? Enjoy sharing love with your friends and relatives in this festival season.

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