Costco Shooting 1 Dead, 3 wounded; Police arrest the Suspect

Shooting at Costco Store in Corona

Costco the Southern California region witnessed a heavy shootout on Friday night in a huge store. The shooting caused 1 dead and 3 people get wounded. Initial investigation reports over the Costco Shooting states because of the heated argument.

What Witnesses Said, about Costco Shooting?

People who witnessed the incident quoted as “A man with Mohawk haircut engaged in a heated argument with another person near the freezer section. At one stage, he pulled a gun out from his wardrobe and shot around 6 rounds”.

Will Lungo, 45-year-old from Corona described as he and his wife were at the alcohol section when the shootout took place. Initially, he thought as someone dropped the wine bottle but the sound heard continuously. An employee of the store rushed to us and helps us to get out of the store via the emergency exit.

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Another witnessed who doesn’t want to convey her name said as “After the shocking incident takes place. Shoppers and employees rushed to the store exits. At one point there are more than 100 people gathered outside of the store”.

Action Taken by the Corona Police  

The Corona police department said, Costco Shooting held at Costco store located 50 miles away from the southeast of downtown, Los Angeles.

Costco Shooting
Costco Shooting

The Corona police report further added as the person who argued with the shooter killed at the spot. And two other neighbors wounded during the incident.  Corona Police Lt. Jeff Edwards took in charge of this shootout incident at Costco.

Though the conditions of the wounded two people were unknown. The Corona police conveyed as the suspect of the shootout taken under custody.

The Corona Police dept posted an official tweet about the incident as “The shooting incident at the Costco in Corona has been stabilized. There is no apparent threat to our community from any outstanding persons. We will release more information as we work to confirm the facts”.

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