Christmas Toys 2019: Gift Your Kids Hottest Toys for This 2019 Christmas

List of Top 10 Hot Christmas Toys 2019 For Kids

2019 Christmas is here, parents are wondering what would be the best thing to gift in this Christmas. Well, When it comes to gifting kids on any occasion presenting toys would be the best and wise choice. However, picking Christmas toys 2019 is not as easy as many think. Initially, you need to make sure the handpicked toy should impress the kids and it should be in the list of hot toys of the year.

Christmas Toys 2019

Toys are hot when it comes to Christmas Gifts for kids and children. To be frank, the Toy industry witnesses silent growth in the past decade, and it shows promising growth in the future too.

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For this 2019 Christmas, you can witness numerous toys in the market. However, you need to make sure of picking the latest and trendiest toys for gifting your buds this Christmas. Here in this article, we have listed our best and top 10 hottest Christmas Toys 2019 that you can gift your kids on this festival season.

List of Top  10 Hot Christmas Toys 2019 For Kids

1. Marvel Legends Series Power Gauntlet

Inspired by Avengers Endgame, The Power Gauntlet detailed fully articulated premium features and stone illuminated to take your cosplay to a new level. Moreover, it is listed in the lists of hottest Christmas toys 2019 inspired movie sound effects bring the action to life with grand power comes great responsibility.

2. Playmobil Crystal Palace

The Playmobil Crystal Palace is one of three new Playmobil set that best toy for Christmas 2019, and it was one of the coolest. It comes in 266 pieces, and once built, it is a three-level palace fit for a block of princess ice. The set boasts with various figures, bedding, clothing different, stick bejeweled, carpet, vanity, frost, love letters, magical keys, and much more! It’s right out of the Winter Kingdom world and comes with a cool magic lamp that illuminated the dance floor.

It also has a personal apartment on the ice spiral staircase to the royal family to vacate when they finished with the party! On top of that, the magical hoop skirt pattern changes clothes when it’s cold, which is a nice added bonus.

3. Paw Patrol Mighty Jet Command Center

This year, toy super Paw Patrol getting a makeover with the release of figures Mighty Pups, plushes, and lookout superhero-themed. But the coolest thing is this jet orders, which transforms into a mobile HQ for the super-powered gang. It also has a light, sound, and a disc launcher. It’s just a one-player game and some testers felt it would be great to have a choice of two players. It is a family-friendly game wonderful though, who holds the children’s attention for a long time and make them smile.

Open jet to the command center, with space for the whole gang.  Load the disc launcher with inserted 5 discs, press the button, and release!

4. Nintendo Switch Lite

If you’re trying to find a less expensive various to the Switch? It solely supports hand-held mode games and is lighter and smaller than the original Switch, making it excellent for on-the-go play. You don’t need connecting your Switch to a TV, the Switch Lite is worth considering.

Now you’ll play all the good compatible Switch games at a cheaper worth purpose. Choose from various colors, including the special Pokemon design.

5. Hatchimals Wow Llalacorn

This year brought us quite a few new Hatchimal toys. However the Hatchimals Wow is that the most meriting of being at the highest of the serious vacation list this Christmas!  The neck extends so the LLalacorn will mature to 32-inches tall. It’s super interactive, taking part in over 250 sounds and reactions.

6. Petit Collage Alphabet Wooden Tray Puzzle

This could be a beautiful, superior wood puzzle with multiple educational benefits. It comes in a multi-language alphabet wooden tray with twenty-six letter puzzle items. This vibrant puzzle can help children’s fine motor control and hand-eye coordination, whereas serving them study the letters of the alphabet in English, French, German, and Italian. It is made of wood and printed with vegetable inks. Suitable for 4 years old kids who enjoy the puzzle aspect of the game,

7. Crayola Sprinkle Art Shaker

Every parent needs to encourage creativeness, and Crayola brought the thought of creative solutions, in which the art projects are stored in a sealed case. Kids can layer on glue and sparkles to create a 3D image, but the glitter remained in the case, where it can be collected in a tube to be re-used once again.

8. Transforming Batmobile R/C

A perfect replica of the latest cars from Ultimate Alien Ben Series can transform into many different modes. It comes with an exclusive figure of Ben Tennyson and the drive mode. Using the remote control for the Batmobile move forward, backward, or rotate around. It features working lights, sound effects, and projectiles. This unmanned Batmobile zooms down hallways and transforms into battle mode, wherever it will shoot plastic discs at the enemy.

9. K’Nex Dragon Revenge Coaster Building Set

Another one in the list of hottest Christmas toys 2019, K’Nex Revenge Dragon Coaster Building Set For age 7. This set comes with 584 pieces of K’Nex and motor power of a dragon and a chain-link lift coaster car. Children can design and build a coaster, which equipped with a motorized track, lift cars, sharp turns, and more as they try to outwit a dragon.

10. Spin Master Wildluvs Juno My Baby Elephant

This cutest and hottest Christmas toy 2019 featuring more than 100 animated, tricks, life-like motion, and sounds that bring it to life amazing. Juno plays with a little mouse friend which included. Best for ages 3 and up, this interactive toy can respond to children with voice and movement, and learn tricks such as eat and threw his nuts. He interacts and plays with his nuts and mouse accessories. Juno learns and grows from shy to ridiculous through touch and play.

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