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CISSP Certification

As technology continues to expand, so are the skills of malicious attackers. Cyberattacks happen when least expected and they are a major threat to both large and small businesses alike.

Luckily, cybersecurity professionals exist to counter such threats. And most importantly, becoming a certified cybersecurity professional is no brain surgery.

So, what does the future hold for Certified Information Systems Security Professionals? Let’s find out below and click .

ISC Certifications

As a top-ranked cybersecurity certification vendor in the world, the Information Security Certification (ISC) Consortium desires to equip IT professionals with important skills to help them secure their organizations from cyberattacks.

To achieve this, ISC provides top-notch security certifications and educational programs that are designed to shape the security domain.

Some of the most popular ISC certifications include:

  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP),
  • Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP),
  • Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP),
  • Certified Authorization Professional (CAP),
  • Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional (CSSLP).

Here’s your updated guide to the CISSP credential including the benefits of the certification, the details of the required exam, and the whole path to certifying.

CISSP Certification Overview

The ISC CISSP certification is intended for IT professionals willing to validate their cybersecurity skills and hands-on implementation. Earning this credential demonstrates your ability to not only design and develop but also manage the overall security posture of the organization you serve.

Eligibility Requirements

ISC provides comprehensive eligibility requirements to qualify for the CISSP certification. To begin with, you need to pass CISSP certification exam.

Aside from passing the required exam, you should also possess a minimum of 5 years of working experience in 2 or more of the security domains as highlighted in the CISSP Common Body of Knowledge (CBK).

Read on to find a few reasons to pursue the CISSP certification in 2019.

Why CISSP Certification?

  1. Career Advancement

Attaining the CISSP certification lays the foundation for building a career in the cybersecurity domain. By getting certified, you show more proficiency with cybersecurity skills which may raise your visibility and create new opportunities in the competitive IT job search market.

  1. Respect

A valid CISSP certification differentiates you from your peers and other employees. It portrays you as an esteemed IT professional who’s looking to put the best foot forward during job interviews.

  1. Potential for Higher Salaries

CISSP certified professionals earn more than their fellows. According to the PayScale website, the average salary of the CISSP certified professional amounts to $110K. So, if this is proper motivation for you then don’t hesitate to enroll for this respected program.

Jobs that Employ the CISSP Certification Knowledge

So, what are your career prospects as a CISSP certified professional? The list is almost endless but some of the honorable mentions include Chief Information Officer, Security Architect, Chief Information Security Officer, Network Architect, Security Analyst, and Security Systems Engineer.

It is no secret that these professions are some of the most valued cybersecurity roles that attract handsome paychecks among other benefits.

Overview of the CISSP Exam

The CISSP exam verifies your skills and ability related to 8 security domains. As already mentioned, the CISSP exam tests your knowledge across 8 major security domains with every concept contributing to a specific weight in the test.

They include Security and Risk Management (15%), Software Development Security (10%), Security Operations (13%), Security Assessment and Testing (12%), Identity and Access Management (13%), Communication and Network Security (14%), Security Architecture and Engineering (13%), and Asset Security (10%).

Passing this test confirms that you possess advanced knowledge and skills to not only design and implement but also manage a cybersecurity program.

The Details of the CISSP Exam

The CISSP exam presents 100-150 questions related to the cybersecurity domain. It will take you 6 hours to complete all the questions. The maximum time allocated for the test is 3 hours with its passing score currently set at 700/1000.

You can register for the exam at the Pearson VUE website. And note, that the exam comes in several languages including English, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazilian), German, French, Chinese (Simplified), and Korean. The test will cost you $699.

CISSP Exam Training Options

One of the most reliable training platforms for the CISSP exam is the official ISC website. Be sure to enroll for the official training program for the CISSP exam that is enhanced by several study options. Whether you need the instructor-led training platform or your learning is more inclined to the classroom training, these options are tailored to fit your schedule. Check out the training seminars and courses to choose what suits you best.

Other CISSP Study Resources

Aside from the CISSP official training, ISC also provides official CISSP exam guide and the exam outline for adequate exam preparation. The CISSP exam guide is perfectly designed by certification experts and contains informative content to help you pass your exam smoothly.

Other CISSP study resources include the official practice tests and the official CISSP flash cards. It bears mentioning that all exam candidates should combine multiple study aids to enable them to register a passing score in the test on their first try.

Top Websites for CISSP Exam Preparation – Use PrepAway

PrepAway provides various CISSP study materials all of which are tailored to suit different learning schedules and preferences. If you want to validate your knowledge of the exam concepts, then you can download the latest free CISSP practice tests that contain updated exam questions and answers to enhance your exam preparation.

PrepAway also provides the CISSP Premium Bundle for only $39.98. This is your secret tool for exam success thanks to its quality content that comprehensively covers the exam objectives. It contains a premium file, a training course, and a study guide. Moreover, premium bundles offered at PrepAway are verified by IT experts that means that the material provided there is valid and actual. Using the practice tests for CISSP exam will hone your skills and make you feel confidence at the exam.


Do you have what it takes to become a CISSP in today’s competitive job market? If you’re still wallowing in uncertainty, then you could be missing out on a chance to secure your organization from the threats posed by malicious attackers. Make an effort to gain your CISSP certification sooner rather than later by using reliable practice tests and other study materials at PrepAway. Also, follow the highlighted tips in this article to help you pass your exam smoothly.

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