How to Write a Postcard: Useful Tips and Tricks

how to write Postcard

The postcard presented to the festive event is an important sign of attention. For the postcard to bring joy and be in place, it needs to be properly composed. Usually, postcards consist of the following sections: an appeal to the recipient, an indication of the congratulations, news, or other goals of writing, good wishes, parting words, and your signature. All these sections should be emotionally colored accordingly. Have no idea how to write a postcard? Get professional writing help from talented writers from EduQuickie who know how to express your thoughts and format them in the right way.

how to write Postcard

How to start a postcard?

Everyone knows that any postcard begins with an appeal to the addressee. Keep in mind that if you plan to send it to relatives, close friends or acquaintances, start with the words “loved ones or dear ones”. If the one to whom it is addressed, is a more official person, it would be appropriate to appeal “dear”. In rare cases, you can apply a fairly old appeal “Hon.” After the appeal, indicate the purpose of writing. There are most common goals: either you want to congratulate a person with something or just show the person is always on your mind.

What to write about in the postcard: Original ideas

  • Share some random fact, an event that happened to you recently. “Today I saw a big three-colored cat, one of the black spots was on the eye, like a pirate’s bandage.” If a holiday has recently taken place or is soon to come, which is not celebrated in the recipient’s country, tell him or her about it.
  • Write something interesting you’ve recently learned about and what struck you, delighted or amused.
  • Share some beautiful and wise quote or a small poem. It can be your favorite or one that fits the image on the postcard.
  • If you’re going to send a card to a person you don’t know well, look through the profile of the recipient, and find something in common with him or her. Mention it as it is always nice to meet a like-minded person.
  • From a hometown to a stranger, and from a trip to a friend, you can send a card with the phrase “I wish you to be here” and a description of the place depicted on the card. Mention some interesting facts about this city, why you should come here and what you need to visit and see.

10 effective tips for writing a great postcard

You decided to send a card via mail, pasted the required number of stamps, took a pen, and got stuck thinking” What to write in the card, except for the address?” Sometimes, when you need to brainstorm a couple of lines, not a single thought comes to mind. Want to create a great card that will make someone feel loved? Follow the simple tips below:

  • Pick the postcard with the right image, which can communicate the necessary message.
  • Include the return address on the reverse side. Check it twice to avoid any mistakes.
  • Start with a touching beginning so that the recipient feels you’ve missed him or her.
  • Keep in mind: there is no much space for stories in a postcard. So, be brief and up to the point.
  • Don’t miss any important details. Make sure the reader won’t be puzzled or confused when reading the card.
  • Avoid including very intimate details. Remember, the person who handles the postcard is able to see what is there. Don’t want the third-party to find out something about your personal life? Just don’t tell about too personal things. It isn’t the best place for sharing secrets.
  • Don’t forget to indicate the date. It may be important for the recipient to know when you’ve sent a postcard. So, indicate it at the top of the postcard.
  • Make sure you know how to format an address. If not, then, you’d better turn to professional service and get help with formatting it. Otherwise, there is a risk the card will be lost.
  • Check whether it contains grammar mistakes. Before sending a postcard, make sure it is free from any kind of errors. Edit and proofread it using special checkers online or better entrust this to professional editors who will guarantee that everything is
  • Put a stamp. It must be placed on the right top corner. If you don’t add it, the card won’t achieve the addressee.

How to finish a postcard?

It is always necessary to complete a postcard seriously and tritely. You have already flashed eloquence, demonstrated your ability to joke, interested the addressee. So, it’s time to wish him or her simple but very important things for each person. The final words are the following: “The Best Wishes”, “Looking forward to seeing you soon”, etc.

I hope the tips mentioned above will be of great use to you when creating a postcard. If you still doubt you know how to format the address, organize ideas in the main body, making it clear and concise, turn to good writing service online, like ResumeCvWriter.

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