Boost Your Career with Cisco 200-150 Exam through Using Practice Tests

Cisco 200-150 Exam

To become successful in your life, there are two most important ingredients that you will need throughout your professional journey – namely, experience and knowledge. While practical is not really in your hands before getting employed, acquiring advanced knowledge in your sphere of interest is certainly something to be considered. It means, by learning and taking different courses, you can highly increase your skillset.

This way, get acquainted with Cisco that is the global IT leading vendor that along with producing technologies and products offers a great certification program to equip candidates with the relevant skills. The credentials it offers fall into the entry, associate, professional, and expert levels. In addition, you can become certified in such areas as routing and switching, security, collaboration, IoT, design among many. Based on your skills and knowledge, you can opt for any course on the spot and build up your expertise.

In this article, we will guide you on how to become CCNA Data Center certified and pass one of the exams required to obtain this credential – 200-150 Data Center Practice Test. Let’s dive in!

CCNA Data Center Certification

This is a credential specifically designed for data center engineers. Not only does it improve your capacities in data center storage networking, data center physical infrastructure, and the related networking concepts and technologies, but it also increases your career opportunities associated with them. During the course, you are additionally comprehensively taught about data unified computing, data center automation, and orchestration, as well as network virtualization. To gain the CCNA Data center certification you need to sit for two exams, which are 200-150 and 200-155. Still, this article is devoted to making the first step on the way of being a CCNA Data Center certified. So, let’s move to the Cisco 200-150 test.

Cisco 200-150 Exam Technicalities

There is a wide variety of topics included in the syllabus of Cisco 200-150, covering all test domains. The list is as follows:

  • Data Center Physical Infrastructure, covering 15% of the whole content
  • Basic Data Center Networking Concepts, testing 23% of the test knowledge
  • Advanced-Data Center Networking Concepts, including 23% of the total
  • Basic Data Center Storage that is up for 19%
  • Advanced-Data Center Storage setting up the 20%

In this Cisco testing pattern, there are around 60 questions that appear at the exam. The types of questions vary, and there could be any type of items from multiple-choice questions, to drag and drop, and simlet.

The passing marks to get the CCNA Data Center certification is variable but usually fluctuates around 800 to 850 from a total of 1000 marks. The total exam time limit is 90 minutes.

Is CCNA Data Center Certification Really Worth It?

You might be unsure about taking the test and doubt if it’s worth your effort and resources spent. So, let’s see what benefits it offers for you.

  • Helps Gain Experience and Knowledge

Your skills will be getting polished throughout the duration, of course, and knowledge will rain down upon you. Moreover, you will become a part of the community of network engineers, which will help you throughout your professional life.

  • Opens Prospects for Other Careers

CCNA Dana Center is not only meant for the engineers who have work related to this field. Rather it could also be very useful for other professions — for example, a salesperson of networking systems. The credential basically becomes a ladder to climb upon heights of other professions too.

  • Improves Employment Opportunities

With your resume standing out amongst the crowd, you certainly have more chances of getting hired while having the CCNA Data Center badge. You showcase your skills as a network engineer proving yourself capable of the job.

  • The Brand Itself

Amongst all the certifications offered by Cisco, CCNA Data Center is among the top tier that is most known by people and highly regarded as being as carrying much worth so much that it has become a brand in itself now, which is known all around the world.

How to Prepare?

Due to the popularity of the course, there is a load of material available online to prepare for the test. However, some of the websites up here on the internet are not that authentic or trustworthy. First, checked the options offered by Cisco, as it provides the most reliable and actual material.

Then, search the Internet to find optional online resources that would enhance your preparation. The recommended websites for learning purposes and practice tests are It offers a fully covered study approach with tests as well to check how much you’re actually prepared for the exam. For the 200-150 exam, you can find the latest practice tests that are completely free. In addition, PrepAway offers to get a Premium Bundle, which includes a verified file with questions and answers, a study guide, and a training course. That means that this online platform contains all prep materials under-one-roof.

The practice tests are very much recommended, and once you’re done preparing the individual topics, you should start doing these as they will act as your mock tests, and you can test what topics you lack knowledge in and where you need to work yourself out. In short, this way you can easily determine own strengths and weaknesses.

Cisco Certification Changes Expected in 2020

Note, that from February 2020, Cisco is planning to revise its certification program. Particularly, the existing credentials will be renewed and replaced by the updated badges and associated assessments. In this new track, for instance, candidates will only need to take a single 200-301 exam to gain Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), while currently the aiming specialists are required to pass several exams to get the certification.

With it, if you are thinking to be assessed before the new exams go live by February 24, 2020, you will be allowed to keep the certification after that period as well and get all the records acknowledged. So, you still have the chance to become CCNA Data Center certified bypassing the current 200-150 and 200-155 exams.

Wrapping Up

To conclude, the CCNA Data Center would be an important part of your acknowledged skill set. In this view, be one of the exclusive holders of this fading credential and grasp all the benefits associated with it.

However, don’t miss the chance to use PrepAway practice tests when preparing and use the vendor-offered materials to your full Cisco 200-150 exam advantage!

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