Career Advantages Waiting upon Completion of Cisco 300-410 Exam with Practice Tests

Completion of Cisco 300-410 Exam

Often than not, plain college degrees aren’t completely recognized by potential employers. Most businesses are interested in fully-equipped professionals. And when we say ‘fully-equipped’, this means that you should clothe your educational background with work experience and certification programs.

Certifications have always been one of the best investments done by an IT professional. And if you want to add a remarkable addition to your career, you won’t get wrong with a Cisco credential. But there are certain things that you should know before you pursue their certification track, particularly the CCNP certification program.

The Latest Cisco Certified Network Professional program

There’s no denying the modifications happening within the IT domain―well, it’s the only constant thing happening in such industry. Changes and replacements are everywhere to stay relevant in the changing field. And within the CCNP 300-410 Practice Test certification program, there are also things that you should look forward to. Anticipate the introduction of the new CCNP Enterprise, which will be released by February 2020.

As a whole, the recent CCNP certification track elaborates on the significance of advanced networking foundation, together with a specific skill set. With such importance comes the birth of new certification exams. Before, CCNP certifications have certain prerequisites, which include an accomplished CCNA credential and 3 to 5 years of work experience. With the new CCNP program, there’s no need for a CCNA certification, though it’s still advisable to have at least 3 years of work background as a professional. The latest CCNP only requires you to complete the core exam, plus one concentration exam that validates your expertise in a specific technology or a particular job role.

Considering that you’ve completed your core exam (350-401 ENCOR) but you’re still unsure what IT specialization you want to pursue, this list might help you. In this blog, we will confer about one of the six concentration exams – Cisco 300-410 ENARSI – and gather all its career benefits and more.

A list of the career advantages of Cisco 300-410 ENARSI

  1. You become an expert in routing technologies and features.

The Cisco 300-410 exam is the validation you need to authenticate your expertise in implementing Cisco enterprise, particularly in advanced routing and services. This is where you corroborate your ability in managing and troubleshooting complex infrastructure issues. Plus, you gain more insights about topics such as VPN services, Layer 3, and infrastructure security, services, and automation.

  1. You are shaped into a sought-after enterprise networking professional.

After acquiring more intricate information about routing subjects and services, you are altered into an enterprise specialist. As a result, instead of competing with lots of job applicants, employers give priority to your profile. It’s because businesses know how challenging it is to acquire an IT certification, most especially a Cisco credential. And for the new CCNP Enterprise certification exams, these aren’t just so-so validations of your skills. These are top-of-line and the most relevant endorsement of your IT expertise.

  1. You prove your determination and hard work.

As one of CCNP Enterprise concentration exams, 300-410 ENARSI holds rather substantial weight in earning your CCNP certification. It is designed to assist those who want to magnify their knack in routing and services. But of course, you can’t just take the exam without proper training and time management skills. That is why you need to learn how to maximize your time so you will cover all the exam objectives. Choosing the right materials, however, can be a tough thing to do. But don’t fret because Cisco lays out their official study guide and training course to aid you. They also provide you exam tutorial videos that will walk you through the exam and the possible exam question format. Plus, you can get support from for the most reliable and latest practice tests. And you can also check out some free online videos from YouTube. With such an intense preparation journey, this proves your determination and hard work as a professional.

  1. You are compensated with a higher salary.

One of the most impressive advantages of completing the 300-410 exam, along with its core exam 350-401, is the higher salary range. Compared to applicants without certifications, a certified Cisco holder is rewarded with relatively attractive remuneration. The reason for such is that employers recognize the sacrifices―physically, mentally, and financially―done by Cisco professionals. And to compensate all their efforts, they enjoy striking monetary rewards.

  1. You are awarded an award-winning Cisco credential.

But of course, getting a certification from Cisco is already a successful stint. Many organizations, whether small or big, consider Cisco certifications as standard in the IT industry. With a Cisco credential on your profile, you’ll not just acquire skills but also earn the recognition that you need as a professional. Moreover, Cisco certifications are some of the most in-demand credentials at present, which means you are giving yourself a favor if you complete and pass the 300-410 exam.

More important things to know about Cisco 300-410 exam

This concentration exam linked with the new CCNP Enterprise certification is a 90-minute test. Possibly, it will involve multiple-choice and simulation questions. And though the main exam objectives are Layer 3 and VPN technologies, along with infrastructure services and security, you shouldn’t limit your exam preparation because other related topics might appear on the exam. Hence, make sure to reflect on the detailed contents of the exam through the official study guide.


If you think the list of career advantages is in line with your career goals, then make up your mind and set everything out. Since the new CCNP Enterprise will be released by next year, you still have enough time to prepare for the updated CCNP certification program. Study now, use the most valid practice tests from Exam-Labs along with other optional valid prep materials, and earn your Cisco credential later!

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