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Fire TV Includes YouTube Videos and Amazon Prime on Chromecast, Android TV

Amazon Prime videos can be accessed on Chromecast and Android TV, and then another part of this news is that  Amazon Fire TV includes  YouTube app. Because of that, now users will be able to access the official YouTube app, and Chromecast. Moreover, now Android TV users can finally watch Amazon Video.

Prime Video Comes to Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV includes YouTube

Fire TV devices have got good news because Amazon and Google announced support for the official YouTube application. It’s really worth a little celebration that the Prime Video app is now available for streaming to Chromecast in-built devices, Chromecast and Android TV.  Amazon Prime Video is now available on Chromecast and will come to more Android TV devices.

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Amazon Fire TV, includes YouTube app, is available from Tuesday 9 July worldwide.You can find new YouTube application tiles in the “Your Apps and Channels line” automatically. You can download the Prime version of the latest Video for Android TV from the Google Play Store.

The official YouTube also works with the Alexa voice assistant, for searching and playing content. Becuase it will allows users to request YouTube content on Fire TV. Google will also bring the YouTube TV and YouTube Kids application to the Amazon smart TV platform.

Moreover, using the application is the best way to stream Amazon Prime Videos on your smart TV. However, this is not the only way to access.

Watch Amazon’s Best Video Content on TV Using Chromecast

You can also watch Amazon’s best video content on TV using Chromecast without using the mobile app. In addition, now you can choose an Android TV device that has access to Prime Video, by clicking on the application icon directly from the home screen or on Google Play.

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This guide assumes you are already using a Chromecast or an Android TV device and connecting it to your television and your local network. You also need a computer that is connected to the same network. But you have to use the Google Chrome browser to make the Chromecast work.

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