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Disney’s New Lion King Filmed Entirely in Virtual Reality

World is moving forward always when it comes to technology, especially in AI (Artificial Intelligence) and VR (Virtual Reality). With the aid of such advancement, modern cinemas prefer CGI and Visual Effects in spite of opting real shot. In case of animation movies, technical advancement is beyond out imagination. The upcoming remake project of Disney’s New Lion King is perfect example for using advanced technology.

What’s Interesting about Disney’s New Lion King?

Well! As mentioned above, Disney opted to rework the classical animated movie Lion King with the latest technology. The Lion King one among the 1994 megahit movie, now Disney opted to rework it with the high level CGI animation and live action.

Meanwhile, the VR based Disney’s New Lion King will be the future of cinema. Yes! You heard it right! Unlike other animated movies, Disney filmed this new reworked animated classical movie entirely in Virtual Reality.

All the location filmed in Disney’s New Lion King was not from the reality set. In fact, those are not even stored as files in an animator’s computer. They captured the entire film inside the 360 degree virtual environment with full of digitalized characters and objects.

What Changes Done In New Disney’s Lion King Shooting?

  • With the headsets, the film makers controlled all the tools to shoot the entire movie
  • In old Lion king movie visual effects used to replicate the SUN image on character. However, here in this new movie technicians used lights to boost the intensity on characters.
  • To adjust the volume level during the shoot, filmmakers opted infrared signals and 3D sensors to track the signals and translates them into VR.
  •  With the aid of handheld controllers, filmmakers manage to move the virtual equipment to capture best view of the action.

Bottom Line

A decade ago, entire world witnessed pioneer techniques used to shoot the movie Avatar. Now, the upcoming Disney’s reworked 1994 animated classical movie will be the handy film making accessory in future.

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