Top 10 WordPress Alternatives to Consider for 2020

List of 10 WordPress Alternatives in 2020

Well, we are in the digital era where everything carried out online. To be successful in business, getting an official online business website is mandatory for all businesses. Many small and medium scale business prefers CMS (Content Management Platform) platform for having their business website. When it comes to CMS, the readers’ minds will automatically think of WordPress. Yes! WordPress in the most popular CMS platform. However, you can find several best WordPress alternatives in the 2020 New Year.

CMS is the most preferred platform for hosting a site. Because, when compared to a normal website a CMS websites possess a huge benefit. In addition, you can find numerous free CMS software online, you can easily install and launch your website by following simple DIY.

Why CMS?

CMS – Content Management Platform, a software tool that allows its users to create, edit, or modify the digital content. Having a CMS platform for your website is a big plus in terms of SEO perspective. In addition, a CMS platform publishes digital content in such a way that it will be handy for SEO and the reader’s easiness.

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Also, users/publishers would feel much easier to handle CMS platform for posting a Search Engine’s friendly content. Most importantly, a CMS platform allows users to install various third-party tools/plugins. Those plugins would be helpful in narrating your content with perfection.

Benefits of Using CMS

The CMS tool act as a communicating medium for you to keep in touch with your customers/readers/viewers. A CMS is a powerful tool that comes with simplicity in accessing. Here are the few lists of notable benefits that you can avail by using CMS.

    • Easy To Access
    • It Supports Multiple Users
    • Offers Streamlines Scheduling
    • Best On-Site Maintenance
    • Easiness In Managing Digital Content

Our Handpick List of 10 WordPress Alternatives in 2020

As far as the report suggests, WordPress is the most reliable CMS platform on the Internet. Moreover, more than 27% of the sites on the internet are active through the WordPress Platform. Although WordPress offers a wide range of features for websites, still it won’t be a perfect match for all online businesses.

For such businesses, they can start looking for the best WordPress alternative. Here we have listed all the best 10 WordPress Alternatives in 2020 that can suits well for all businesses.


Shopify is one of the topmost WordPress alternatives in 2020 that specifically best known for eCommerce features. It is a simple, secure, highly flexible, user-friendly as well as stable platform. Also, it is relatively easy to manipulate where you can start and grow your business with very little effort.

Key Features

    • Best for marketing tools such as email, landing pages, blog, etc
    • High-performance SEO
    • Simple to line up and nice support team

2. WIX

Wix is another best WordPress Alternatives in 2020, giving an application program editor. The website is free that offers a user-friendly interface with e-commerce integration. Combined with the growing Wix App Market, you can build just about any website with Wix. Moreover, it has a range of website templates, mobile optimization, and an app market designed these are the most relevant elements included in Wix.

Key Features

    • Best for any kind of businesses
    • Easy-to-use visual editor
    • It helps integrate third party web apps
    • Wix Code for advanced users


Unlike Shopify, Weebly is another WordPress Alternatives in 2020, a website builder with e-commerce capabilities. You can build and design a website without requiring any code. Weebly is cheaper than Shopify however doesn’t have a constant range of options. Users can easily make websites with limited technical experience. Weebly is probably best if you’re looking for an easy way to sell products online simply.

Key Features

    • Straightforward, easy to use website builder
    • e-commerce solutions affordable
    • Access to the Weebly App Center
    • Membership websites


Volusion like Shopify is another WordPress competitor that comes in plenty of amazing data and analytical tools. It’s a little difficult than many of the other WordPress alternatives. You may need to spend a few weeks working on the platform to get a feel for it before you can start building incredible websites. Volusion’s latest updated its UX solution to create a cleaner inventory system all-around.

Key Features

    • Excellent insights to data and analytics
    • Lots of high-quality payment gateways to choose from
    • Plenty of ways to customize your online store


Another excellent alternative WordPress in 2020, BigCommerce is best for an eCommerce platform. It is a fully-hosted eCommerce website with drag and drop tools as well as beautiful templates to get you started. The notable advantage of using BigCommerce is that you don’t pay transaction fees.

 Key Features

    • Easy to sell products in different currencies
    • Use built-in tools to optimize conversions and boost sales
    • Supports payment gateways such as PayPal, Pay with Amazon Stripe, and Appley Pay


Squarespace offers an all-in-one platform for every type of website. It’s a fully-managed website builder with something for everyone and particularly suited to creative folks. It is extremely easy to use, a completely hosted solution and a wide range of features to help build any website.

Key Features

    • Many processes of integrating to apps/services
    • Free, unlimited hosting with no limits on website storage space or bandwidth


The medium may be a pretty sensible blogging different WordPress in 2020. It is meant to supply a clutter-free writing space for publishers and similar reading expertise for the readers. In addition, it is simple to use, perceive, and additionally options integral social networking features. Whereas WordPress contains a massive vary of users overall, Medium has associate around sixty million weblog readers per month. This aboard different awe-inspiring options make it associate awesome blogging different for WordPress.

Key Features

    • Appearance stunning on all devices and screen sizes.
    • Larger vary of audience and potential exposure and views for your work.


Drupal is a reliable and highly secure content management system behind WordPress. Also, It is an open-source platform, fast-loading, highly scalable, and includes features to cater to every kind of website.

Key Features

    • Rich media support for images, audio and video files
    • multi-channel content delivery in both decoupled and hybrid decoupled modes
    • Customizable workflows, mobile-first approach


It is similar to WordPress when it comes to download and usage. For anything and everything to do with blogs, magazines, publishing, or any kind of writing. You can download a free file to build a blog, but you need to pay to host your very own blog. Meanwhile, Ghost is a wonderful platform that fully managed security service that includes a clutch of modern and powerful publishing tools. You can self-host your website Ghost servers or opt for the Ghost power.

Key Features

    • User-friendly and easily create an elegant blog with ease.
    • The fully extensible editor allows you to pull in dynamic blocks of content such as images, embeds, videos and text


Page Cloud is a wonderful platform where you can add and re-position anything on your page and then style it in any way. With page cloud, website owners have full control over their websites without having to write any code.

Key Features

    • Full source code access for HTML, CSS, JavaScript
    • High-performance websites in SEO, reliability, speed, and security

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