List of Best Alternatives to Microsoft Visio Drawing Tool

Best Alternatives to Microsoft Visio Drawing Tool

Microsoft is the king in making flexible and scalable Office suite products as a package and supports in streamlining processes. Right from Windows of different versions to Office 365, no competitors were able to provide such satisfaction to users. One such product acquired by Microsoft from Visio Corporation is Microsoft Visio. In this blog, you will get to know about Visio and other best alternatives to Microsoft Visio for user benefits.

What Is Microsoft Visio?

It is one of the Microsoft Office Suite products a program. It is an effective drawing program that produces output as graphs, flowcharts, etc to illustrate any kind of business mechanism.

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Why Should You Need Microsoft Visio?

Managing projects with Microsoft Visio becomes easy as it considers standard images and represents it in an understandable manner. It helps you fill any work gaps with effective presentation methods. In addition, with its clear-cut image format explanation hints where your business stands currently. Due to not being an open-source tool, you also have alternatives to Microsoft Visio.

List of 12 Best Alternatives to Microsoft Visio Tool

1. Cacoo: The Drawing Tool

With Cacoo, you can create wonderful diagrams of types such as flowcharts, wireframes/mockups, network diagrams, presentations, and more. You can manage critical working conditions of projects in a single flowchart along with solutions. It provides accurate visualization of ideas into reality with valid inputs and estimated outputs. Its cloud-enabled technology lets you connect to anyone anywhere at any time. You can prepare stunning presentations in no time and maintain an easy document workflow.

2. Graphviz

Open source visualization software utilizes graphs. It yields output from applications in departments such as networking, bioinformatics, software engineering, web design, and other technical domains. Also, it considers and simplifies graph description in plain text language creating diagrams in required formats. In addition to that, this tool has various features such as color, font, layout, hyperlinks, custom shapes, and more for materialistic diagrams.

3. D3M

A wonderful automated tool helps in managing projects efficiently. Using D3M, you can view live output while drawing network diagrams, prototypes, and floor plan diagrams easily. Therefore, you can make necessary modifications instantly. Moreover, you get access to project inventory, customer proposals, invoice & documentation automatically. It synchronizes multiple projects in a tree view and offers a crystal view of work status.

4. Pencil Project

This Pencil Project drawing tool termed to be one of the best alternatives to Microsoft Visio because of its convincing features. Also, it is developed with simplified methods for drawing operations and contains numerous, unique drawing shapes built-in. Nevertheless, it administers an easy to use interface platform on all desktops and Android devices. Hence, you can install any prototyping apps within a jiffy. It provides drawing support for diagrams along with exporting to various output formats of your choice. You can easily merge all types of drawing elements on the same single page and convert them into HTML formats.

5. DIA

It is an old school math drawing application to create technical diagrams of complexity. You can use it as a free-hand application as its interface does not feature any high-level security or restriction issues. Similar to Pencil, DIA allows exporting files to different formats, printing multiple pages, and custom shapes for simple XML descriptions. You can draw UML diagrams, network maps, and flowcharts coherently.

6. yEd Graph Editor

Though yEd Graph Editor is a drawing creation application like other tools, it also has some unique features. It offers impressive diagram creation with inbuilt features such as instant operative shapes, data visibility, and direct user interface. It projects unique automatic layout patterns such as hierarchical, orthogonal, tree, circular, organic, and UML-style for complex data sets. Import of data with formats such as GraphML, Excel, GEDCOM, GML, etc is quite easy with yEd Graph Editor.


Easy to use the software, it does not require any additional plugin or application to be installed. It has been designed with drag and drops functionality that avoids changes in shape measurement. Moreover, the tool contains a variety of shapes to pick with impeccable training material for self-guidance. It is capable of forming an automatic layout and lets you publish & share your work. It ensures no data stored in the backend at the same time meets your expectations with its high performance.

8. Gliffy

It provides top-notch features and acts as a one-stop solution for all drawing and presentation needs. With Gliffy diagrams, you can receive simplified solutions for problems with web servers, databases, satellite, TV, and more. Apart from the general features, it has initiated offering network rack and floor plan symbols & Document management.

9. Creately

With Creately, you can sketch anything fast from having access to more than 1000’s of drawing patterns and shapes. It offers unique themes and styles to select for applications that you require drawings. It allows you to track multiple feedback from anyone any time on the same drawing or multiple drawings too. You get access to more than 50 libraries with guidance material for effective learning.

10. LibreOffice Draw

You can develop drawings from simple to complex and can export them in the form of images in different formats. Along with default shapes, you can use tables, charts, formulas, and other features of LibreOffice Draw. It stands unique by providing vector graphic presentation, 3D drawings, gride & snap lines, and graphic file formats. It displays a gallery for easy view of images and other items created using the tool.

11. LucidChart

If you are looking for easy style shaping software as open-source, then LucidChart is the best. The drawing shapes are very simple and understandable for you to create lean diagrams. If you are good at playing with the keyboard, this tool works faster than any other does.

12. MyDraw

This tool offers a friendly user interface for Windows and Macintosh operating systems. Therefore, the performance of the software stays fast. In addition, it provides support in seven languages of various countries.

Bottom Line

These are pretty good drawing software tools that are introduced to make your job much easy. Hence, trying out any of it definitely is not going to be a high time-consuming factor.

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