Best Indoor Hanging Plants for Home Decoration 2020

Best Indoor Hanging Plants for Home Decoration 2020

There are several varieties of indoor houseplants for decorating your best indoor hanging plants for home decoration 2020. Yet, you have to make the choices based on your tastes, convenience, and interior decor. In addition, you need to use the most suitable containers and hanging methods for decorating the plants.

Facts about Hanging Plants

Many might think as having indoor plants in a new generation decorative idea. But it is wrong while turning our history pages you can witness our ancestors mentioned about indoor plants especially hanging plants.

Here are the few interesting facts over the hanging plants found in our history pages.

    • Over 300,000 different identified plant species grow at the same time.
    • In 1278 AD, Pople Nicholas III first certified the founded Botanical garden in the Vatican City.
    • The sunflower is one large flower. However, each head is composed of tiny flowers or florets. These ripen to form the seeds. Thus, the sunflower family includes Daisies, Yarrow, Goldenrod, Asters, Coreopsis, and Bachelor’s buttons.
    • Strawberry has around 200 seeds that are present outside the fruit.
    • The Orchid plant namely Vanilla planifolia produces pods offering Vanilla flavoring.

How To Hang An Indoor Hanging Plant?

Having a hanging indoor garden can be beneficial for many reasons. However, the most vital one is that you will not miss them. It will always grab your attention while being at your home. In addition, having the best indoor plants for home decoration 2020 suits better for pets and children or even if you have a short floor place.

Here are the lists of options by which you can hang an indoor hanging plant at your home. Surely, it will add elegance to your home decoration.

    1. Suction them to the window (Kitchen windows mostly preferred place)
    2. If possible construct an indoor trellis, for hanging your plants
    3. You can place those hanging plants as art on your shelves
    4. You can go for vertical planters attachment to your living room walls
    5. Hang them from your ceiling is the new option you can try
    6. Try something different by hanging them upside down
    7. You can opt for the DIY hanging basket
    8. Why stick with a basket all time, try out bags for growing hanging plants at your home

Apart from those suggestions, you can find a lot more tips and options online. However, you need to make sure the desire handing method suits to your lifestyle and to your home decoration. To be frank, placing hanging plants on room shelves and the living room has become a trendy thing. Besides, being a decorative thing, these indoor hanging plants help to clean indoor air.

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The List of 12 Best Indoor Hanging Plants For Home decoration 2020

There is a wide variety of plants to choose from for decorating the best indoor hanging plants. Use macramé hanging plant holders or other means for hanging baskets outdoors. This way, you can add beauty to your surroundings.

1. Air Plant (Tillandsia):

Air Plant does not need any soil to survive. It can be hung in glass capsules mounted on walls or in macramé hanging plant holders. Place it in areas with good circulation and bright light.

2. Bird’s Nest Fern (Asplenium nidus):

In the wild, Bird’s Nest Fern are epiphytes that latch onto other plants and grow. The appearance of the leaves depends on exposure to sunlight. In the presence of bright sunlight, leaves turn yellow and crushed. However, in less sunlight, the leaves are flattened and healthier. Moreover, Bird’s Nest Fern is native to tropical rain forests and thrives in humid conditions.

3. Boston Fern (Nephrolepis exaltata):

Boston Ferns make the best indoor hanging plants since these are air purifiers and are safe for pets. Although these plants prefer humid temperatures, they can tolerate lower humidity. The feathery foliages make Boston Ferns ideal for a hanging basket. However, ensure there is enough space between the ceiling and hanging plant for proper air circulation.

4. Burro’s Tail (Sedum morganianum):

Burro’s Tail plants are succulents and retain water in their leaves. These plants can tolerate dry conditions over long durations. Also, these plants prefer lots of bright sunshine. Burro’s Tail is unique requiring low maintenance.

5. Chenille Plant (Acalypha hispida):

In its native habitat, Chenille plants reach a height of 15 feet. After getting proper care, it rapidly grows and reaches 6 feet domestically. Ensure to prune Chenille Plant when planted for a hanging basket. In addition, this plant produces “fuzzy” red flowers that in reality are a cluster of pistils.

6. Golden Pothos (Epipremnum aureum):

Golden Pothos has golden-yellow leaves in moderate light. Since the plant purifies airborne toxins, it makes one of the best indoor hanging plants. You can hang Golden Pothos in your bedroom.

7. English Ivy (Hedera helix):

English Ivy with deep glossy green leaves makes one of the best indoor hanging plants. Place the plant in a spot getting low light. Plant the English Ivy in a basket and hang it from the ceiling.

8. Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum):

Spider Plants are spindly plants that grow horizontally and vertically covering large areas. These plants have bright long leaves are referred to as ribbon plants or airplane plants. Moreover, these plants are not toxic to pets. Hence, even pet owners choose Spider Plants as the best indoor hanging plants.

9. Begonia (Begoniaceae): 

Begonias are bright-colored, well-textured, and shaped. These plants thrive well both indoors and outdoors so they make good hanging plants outdoors. Begonias are easy to maintain. While potting, use rich and organic potting soil. Place those in areas that do not receive direct sunlight. Touch the topsoil and only if very dry then add adequate water. Also, add fertilizers to the pot every 6 weeks.

10. Eastern Hay-Scented Fern (Dennstaedtia punctilobula):

Eastern Hay-Scented Fern thrives well in shade or partially sunny areas. These plants make one of the best hanging plants outdoors since these quickly grow and fill spaces. Eastern Hay-Scented Fern is yellow-green and has a similar scent like freshly cut hay.

11. Jade (Crassula ovata):

Jade is easy to maintain as long as you are careful while watering the plant. You should allow the plant to completely dry out between watering. Every 3 days, check the soil to ensure that the plant is moderate dry. If the soil feels too dry to touch, then add water. When the Jade plant does not get enough water, it leaves shed and can develop brown spots.

12. ‘Marble Queen’ Pothos (Epipremnum aureum):

‘Marble Queen’ Pothos is the most popular hanging plants outdoors and indoors. The beauty of this plant is that it removes airborne toxins and purifies the air. Also, this plant does not need extra care and can survive with low maintenance. During the fall and winter months, these plants can survive when the soil is completely dry. Add very little water to the soil. You can use spray bottles to moisten the soil and leaves.


Above is the list of few plants, and the list will grow long under the label of best indoor hanging plants that can décor your home in 2020 New Year. Before selecting houseplants, ensure those plants thrive well in your atmosphere at home. Also, opt for plants requiring minimum care. In addition to the names on the list, you would discover many more. Always select plants that grow naively and are easy to maintain.

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