2020 Makeup Trends: Top 10 Looks You Need to Know

2020 Makeup Trends Top 10 Looks You Need to Know

Are you looking something new on your fashion statement in the upcoming 2020 New Year? Then consider picking any of the 2020 Makeup Trends for expressing your fashion statement. The Year 2020 going to be surprise package for fashion lovers.

Here in this article, we have listed the top 10 2020 makeup trends for your reference. Those who are pretty eager to update their fashion statement can make use of it.

List of Top Ten 2020 Makeup Trends

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1. 2020 Makeup Trends: Sparkle and Glitter

In the trend of sparkle and glitter eye makeup is the main component. Glitter seems to have strong legs in the makeup industry. It is pleasant to use a little glitter in your makeup looks now and then. Either smoky eyes or cat eye, Sparkle and glitter are very popular for any event.


    • Whether it’s a golden or purple, light-reflecting elements of glossy, sheen to your own product consistency of your lid.
    • It can be used to blend several colors together. It will mix the two colors together to create a third color desired.


    • It’s slippery by nature and it will stick to your skin, also move on your lid.
    • When applied thick, it can be seen globby, so make sure you spread out and just take a modest number with your fingers or a brush.

2. 2020 Makeup Trends: Voluminous & Arte Lashes

This winter 2019 – 2020 makeup trends are all about Arte and Voluminous eyelashes, with a heavy appearance on mascara. Eyelashes were caked with a thick coat of mascara to look very wearable. If you want your eyes to become the focus of attention, then this is the best way to go! False eyelashes are not too common, cluster eyelashes or multiple coats of mascara would be.


    • Gives you desire attention
    • Always wearable


    • Not Common among the Make artists

3. 2020 Makeup Trends: Classic Winged Eyeliner

You can not go wrong with the touch of the winged eyeliner. It is a perennial makeup look that can give a touch of retro glamour but also can be arranged to be modern. It makes perfect your wings because of the way it is applied to beauty trends. It’s diverse enough to work every day of the week.


    • It’s great for thin, sharp lines
    • Gives a classy look with a matte finish


    • It needs to require time and precision as well as more prone to smudges

4. 2020 Makeup Trends: Blushing

This is probably the most preferable for 2020 makeup trends. Touch pinky blush is the easiest way to turn skin and smooth face so that the runway where it appears definite innocence and purity which is part of the aesthetic. A touch of pink blush on the apples neutral high applied the cheeks, near the nose, gives a natural flush.


    • Turns face skin smooth
    • Gives you the natural flush tone


    • Contains Aesthetic ingredients

5. 2020 Makeup Trends: Fuller Brows

From the ramp walk to social media, fuller, strong eyebrows are definitely here to stay. Cara Delevingne popularizes the trend eyebrows a few years ago and it is stronger than ever.


    • Perfectly defined brows help to frame your entire face and to bring out your eyes, with or without additional makeup.


    • They may be difficult to apply at first.

6. 2020 Makeup Trends: Glossy Lips

Glossy lips appearing more and more often, both on the runway and on Instagram. Whether it’s clear or colored, there’s no denying that they are undeniably sexy and also make your lips look hydrated and moist. Pinks and berry hues are great in a gloss, and orange works in either variation.


    • Lip Gloss Are Seen As Pleasant And Carefree
    • It’s quick and easy to apply and gives a fresh, natural look to your makeup


    • Some glosses can be drying on the lips so add moisture by using lip balm first.
    • To give a more durability gloss, use colored lip liner prior to the line.

7. 2020 Makeup Trends: Smoky Eye/Smudges Of Shadow

Smudged eye-shadow or smoky eye will be one of the go-to creative Avant-grades for 2020 makeup trends. Smoky eyes are not new, but they are the antithesis of the nude makeup look. The latest winter makeup industry proved that one of the moodiest makeup trends is making a return- Smudged eye-shadow.


    • Offers Creative look
    • Best on offering a nude look


    • Gives you Best Look on Winter Seasons

8. 2020 Makeup Trends: The Red Lip

A red lip is a classic that will never end out of style, but the way it is applied and specifics of the shade can definitely change. As for colors, the colors look vibrant carmine, and burgundies in; as for texture, coat with a lick of gloss or press lips with powder for ultra-matte effect. One thing is for sure that a high pigment is key for 2020 makeup trends.


    • Available in multi-color


    • Heavy attractive color tone

 9. 2020 Makeup Trends: Under Eye Concealer

Whether you’re hiding spots, dark circles, or highlights of your favorite features, concealer is one solution for all. Comes a wide variety of colors and formulas work with or without a base to achieve the look. This full-coverage, lightweight concealer applicator is equipped with the right paddle easy-glide formula to the skin to a smooth, seamless finish.


    • Dark circles instantly wiped out
    • Waterproof, transfer, and smudge resistant.


    • It’s too thick, making it difficult to blend seamlessly.

10. 2020 Makeup Trends: False Lashes

One of the most recent makeup trends in the world of eyelashes is the magnetic lash. The creative design has been going viral more and more


    • Perfect for applying to the finest of eyelashes.
    • It offers up a natural look


    • It takes all the hard work of applying falsies.
    • All you need is a tool and glue eyelashes.

Bottom Line

If you are a passionate person, then seriously consider getting bright on your makeup. Because 2020 makeup trends would be on the brighter side and it all about gaining attraction from your wearable.

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