Xfinity X1 Eye Tracking Remote By Comcast Offers Enhanced Features

New Comcast’s Accessibility Feature

Well, in this digital era everything is possible now. We are in the generation witnessing the new accessibility features shown in the movies a few decades ago in real. Yes! You heard it right. A few years back, we can notice in Sci-Fi movies as stars accessing technologies by waving their hands or gesturing eyelid. Now that becomes possible with Xfinity X1 Eye Tracking Remote.

Now it turns real with the presence of Artificial Intelligence. Yes! The role played by AI in the current world especially in smart home devices is truly unimaginable. Though people witnessed few the AI’s full potential is yet to come.

Okay, let’s get into the topic. Comcast one of the largest American Telecommunication service providers planning to launch Xfinity X1 Eye-tracking remote.

Xfinity X1 Eye Tracking Remote from Comcast

Xfinity X1 Eye tracking remote
Xfinity X1 Eye-tracking remote

The Comcast planned to introduce the X1 cable platform, by which it planned to improve the viewer’s experience of watching TV. The company is eyeing the physically disabled people to have full control over watching TV. With the all-new X1 programming guide, viewers can able to navigate all the operations with their eyes.

Comcast’s Xfinity X1 Eye-tracking mechanism includes all popular eye gaze hardware and software which are available in the market. Apart from those, Comcast further inherits the devices from Tobii, Sip-and-Puff switches, and many assistive technologies in its X1 platform.

How to Xfinity X1 Eye Tracking of Comcast?

To avail of this latest Eye Tracking features of Comcast, users need to sign in to Comcast’s web-based remote control. After that, the web-based remote control must link with the relevant cable account.

Once it all done, viewers can able to set gazes to the relevant button. Afterward, whenever the user gazes the web-based remote sends the appropriate signal to the TV gadget and does its functionality. Comcast’s latest feature is unique among the existing cable operators and soon this feature will spread to all.

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Let’s see, what we are about to experience in the future!

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