Best Sleep Apps

Best Sleep Apps

Isn’t it fascinating when your mind works against you, forcing you to come up with ways to make it work for you and with you? The conscious and subconscious mind, each receive and process information differently, the subconscious mind is normally used to store and retrieve data while the conscious mind commands the subconscious. The latter is what contains the programs that you are currently operating with, which were pre-installed at a young age.

So every time that you go to sleep on your Ikea Mattress, you can always appeal to your subconscious mind and install some life-changing progressive programs in addition to the sleep hypnotizing sounds designed to help override insomnia and help you fall asleep faster. Apart from the physical before bedtime exercises, there are some downloadable sleep applications that can help you fall asleep faster and for longer hours.

Some of which have been discussed below.

Sleep Cycle Application

The sleep cycle is a phone application that tracks and analyzes a person’s sleep pattern. The application when integrated with your phone will work through the microphone by analyzing sounds and vibrations as you sleep. The application will then use the collected data, to establish the mode of sleep in which you are currently in, where it will then decide the perfect time to wake you up.

The sleep modes that the application analyzes are such as the deep sleep, the light sleep, and the Random Eye Movements sleep. The application will provide you with a statistics dashboard and the trends dashboard, the former will provide you with graphs that contain the analysis of your sleep phases. The trends dashboard will then reveal to you, your sleep quality percentage, the sleep and wake up times, and collect data on snoring.

Sleep Time

Sleep Time

Sleep time is also a phone application that can be installed on either iPhone or android. The best feature on the Sleep Time is that it has been equipped with a state of the art algorithm to use in the analysis of sleep, thus giving users a comprehensive analysis of their sleep patterns. When integrated with your phone system, the application will monitor your movements as you sleep and provide you with comprehensive data for your sleep cycles in the form of graphs and charts.

The intelligent sleep time, will, therefore, wake you up when you are in your lightest sleep phase, the reason for the above is to prevent you from feeling drained and taking longer to revitalize after being woken up while in deep slumber.


Digipill turns out to be one of the most innovative sleep applications, the unit has incorporated a blend of languages and sounds, which will engage one’s mind and in the process change their thinking while promoting well-being. To effectively utilize the Digipill users will have to choose a pill as regards their needs.

And by utilizing some good quality headphones, all you are left to do is to lay back and close your eyes. You will, therefore, be provided with a free first pill, but to access other pills you will have to subscribe to the repeat subscriptions, where you will get unlimited access to the audio pills. Users also have the option of purchasing the audio pills from the pharmacy.

Each of the pills normally offers treatment for up to 30 minutes and has names like the peace of mind. The above pill is to be used by individuals who tend to suffer from anxiety especially when they are approaching bedtime. There is also the sleep deeply pill, and this one is to be used by individuals who have a problem staying asleep.

Lastly, we have the power nap, meant for a refreshing snooze. Digipill offers an all-round solution and all you need to do is identify your problem and purchase the right pill. The pills have been tailor-made to offer solutions to people who are seeking motivation, or those who need something to help them calm down.



Pzizz is quite a unique application that has employed the use of psychoacoustics that explore the effectiveness of sound perception and its physiological effects. The sound sequences and the dynamic dreamscapes have been developed via the examination of clinical studies. The products that you will engage with by downloading the PZIZZ application have been tailor-made to cater to each portion of the sleep cycle.

And while other applications are free, PZIZZ will only offer you a free 7 day trial period after which you will have to upgrade to a premium package, if you are to use other sleep products derived from the branch of psychology.


Pillow is a sleep application and unless you have an iPhone then you cannot benefit from it. The sleep assisting application detects the motions and sound patterns during your sleep sessions, and then creates an algorithm complete with a conclusive report of your wake times, the periods that you are in the light or deep sleep and offers sleep session tactics.

Pillow has raised the bar high for its competitor by providing users with their fitness and health metrics, such as the heart rate, weight, blood pressure, and dietary calories among others. The above information is given to you so that you can see how they are impacting your sleep quality. Pillow works effectively on iPhones because it has been integrated with the Apple Health application.



Noisli works almost the same as a sound machine in obstructing external noise from interfering with your sleep. The unit can be adopted during sleep or at work when concentration and productivity are to be achieved. The unit comes equipped with a combination of natural sounds, such as thunderstorms, echoes of rain, the sound of water streams, and white noise.

Babies can also benefit from using Noisli when sleeping because it effectively blocks out noise. The application has incorporated a timer, which can be used as a countdown timer, for those who wish to take a power nap. The application is, however, not free because of the services that it offers, such as alleviating headaches, migraines, and stress reduction.

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