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Workspace Login – Everything You Need to Know About

As we all know, GoDaddy is one of the most well-known internet service offering companies globally. The vast array of services offered by GoDaddy includes web hosting, website builders, domain name registration, office tools, web marketing tools, and others. Out of all the services and the tools offered by this brand, the GoDaddy Workspace is one of the most popular offerings and constantly people search about GoDaddy Workspace login on the web. If you also happen to be among those people who look for GoDaddy Workspace login, then today we are present here with the comprehensive article covering all the necessary details related to workspace login and GoDaddy Workspace service.

Few details about GoDaddy

If you are knowledgeable of GoDaddy, then let us start by reading in brief about the company and the services they offer.

GoDaddy Inc.’s organization is based out of the USA and is publicly listed. The company was established in the year 1997, and it is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona (USA).

The primary services of the company, as listed in the starting, includes domain registration and web hosting. The organization has a significant base of customers of 17 million and currently contracts more than six thousand employees globally.

Understanding more about GoDaddy Workspace Email Service

The GoDaddy Workspace Email service is also referred to as GoDaddy Webmail service. It is the approach for clients to receive and send emails using “any” email client.

When anyone hears about the GoDaddy Workspace email service, they have one common question in mind, which is – “why they should opt for the service when they can enjoy the free email services from Gmail or Yahoo?”

The response to this question is GoDaddy Workspace email service is more of the business-oriented and professional approach email service, on the other hand, free email services like Yahoo and Gmail are favored for personal use.

Several features are extended by the GoDaddy Workspace email service which makes it a perfect email service for enterprises. For the beginners, this Workspace email service empowers its users to develop custom email address. It implies the email addresses developed using GoDaddy Workspace email service can have the custom email address that is followed by or, whereas free email service will add their names in the end like –

Why should you Choose GoDaddy Workspace Email?

We mentioned some of the features below that makes the Workspace Email Service by GoDaddy one of the best custom email services in the marketplace.

Spam Protection: For any email service, the primary thing to offer is spam protection. No one wants their inbox flooded with spam emails specifically when you are running a business email. As this happens, you may lose sight of essential emails in the chain of other spam emails.

Workspace Email service comes with one of the best spam protection layers that shield their clients from more than three hundred million spam emails on day to day basis. Not just spam emails, however, Workspace Email Service from GoDaddy also protects their customers from other security issues and viruses related to email accounts.

Best Uptime & Support Guaranteed: There is no denying that GoDaddy servers are appreciated for their uptime. Even the enterprise claims 99.9% uptime, and if you enquire any GoDaddy customer, then you will come to know genuinely that the company sticks to its uptime commitment. The client servicing of GoDaddy is also quite appreciable as they offer quick and simple solutions to any of your service-related problems. Their customer service is available 24×7, hence, providing you instant solutions no matter when and where you are experiencing the issue.

Professional Email Addresses: Research shows, if you hold the professional or business email address for your enterprise then your targeted client base is nine times more like to pick your company over your competitors. Furthermore, a professional email address also develops a more memorable brand name.

As mentioned earlier, by purchasing the GoDaddy Workspace email plan, you can build the custom email addresses that add a more professional touch to your brand name.

Sync emails on the go: Regardless, how many smart devices you have in possession – with single Workspace email login you can easily sync all the emails across all the smart devices immediately. It makes the email management more convenient and saves a lot of your precious time by automatically updating any change you perform in your Workspace email account that you have logged in.

High Compatibility: Regardless of what type of operating systems run on your devices or what kind of devices you use, you can conveniently access the Workspace email from any of your devices anywhere and anytime you wish.

The Godaddy Workspace email can be accessed using Mac Mail, Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, or any other email client that works on the OS you use.

256-bit encryption: The Workspace email by GoDaddy is compatible with all kinds of business, even if your company is involved in sending the encrypted yet confidential emails – there is no worry about the data breach. The service offers the 256-encryption which defends the data from all the email threats and makes sure that the email is securely delivered to the recipient without being subjected to any malware attack.

Extensive storage space: To make sure that you never run out of the storage space in your inbox and avoid the fear of missing the important emails, you are provided with ample space to store all your emails. It implies, even if you do not have time to clean up your inbox then also your inbox would not run out of storage.

Email backup: Often people accidentally delete their important emails and unable to retrieve them quickly. However, the perk of using the Workspace email service by GoDaddy is you never need to worry about accidentally deleting your email and not getting them back.

No Ads: All of the free email service providers display the ads within their platform, which sometimes annoying for many users. Since Godaddy Workspace email service is a paid service, there are no advertisements shown on the platform, thus providing you a clean and clutter-free user interface.

Secondary Phone Number: As an entrepreneur, keeping the secondary phone number will give you the edge to keep business and personal calls separate. The GoDaddy Workspace service also provides the one-month subscription to the secondary phone number via Smartline (It is an application that permits the users to include the secondary phone number on their smartphone). However, the SmartLine service is free for the first month only, and if you wish to continue its use, then you are required to pay for the same.

30-day Money Back Guarantee: If you still think whether to invest in GoDaddy Workspace email service? Well, here is good news! The service comes with the 30-days money-back guarantee. This means, if you are not satisfied with the offering, then you always have the option to leave the service and claim the refund of what you paid within 30-days from the date of purchase.

GoDaddy Workspace Login – How it works?

Now, you are aware of the GoDaddy Workspace Email Service, below we mentioned a series of steps that you can follow to complete the Workspace Login:

  • To perform the Workspace login, you first need to open the Workspace login page on any web browser of your choice by tapping here!
  • After the login page successfully loads on your web browser, you will see the login form with the columns that ask you to fill the username & password.
  • Now, enter your valid GoDaddy Workspace login account username and password in the respective columns.
  • After entering the details, you have the option to click on “Keep me signed in” (it is not mandatory to click on this box). However, if you check this box, then your browser will store the log in detail and save your time to log in to the Workspace account every time you open the browser.
  • Now, click on the “Sign in” tab which is given at the bottom of the form.

Considering that you entered all the correct details in the columns, you will be able to access your Workspace account without any problems successfully.

GoDaddy Workspace Login – Pricing & Plans in Detail

There are three different plans of GoDaddy Workspace Login that are designed to fit the different types of clients.

The basic plan starts with just a little above $3, which is called “Email Essentials” and offers 5GB of storage space. The second plan is called “Email Plus” which costs about $3.5 and offers 50Gb storage space for emails to its respective users.

The third and last plan is called ” Business Premium” which is priced around $9 and provides 50GB storage space along with additional benefits. So, the attributes that keep “Business Premium” different from other plans are: It gives you the convenience of signing the documents digitally, can install the entire Microsoft Office suite on five computers regardless the OS running on the system as well as offer 1TB online secure storage.

Steps to Recover GoDaddy Workspace Login Password

It is natural that people tend to forget their email account passwords. However, if you are a Workspace user and forgot your GoDaddy Workspace login, then you need not worry as a team of GoDaddy already provided the solution to the same problem. They offered you the most straightforward way to recover your login password and below are the steps to recover the GoDaddy login password.

  1. On the web browser reload the Workspace login page.
  2. Click here to open the login page of Workspace,
  3. Now, click on the “I Forgot” option which is displayed towards the right side of the password field.
  4. A new page will open which contains the form, and you need to fill this form to reset the Godaddy login password.
  5. First, you need to enter the email address which is registered with Godaddy Workspace account, and confirm the security challenge.
  6. In the security challenge tick the box that says “I am not a robot,” which verifies that you are human not a bot.
  7. After completing the verification click on the “Submit” tab displayed at the bottom of the form.
  8. Once you click the submit, the password reset email will be sent to your given email address.
  9. Now, open your inbox and open the link received from GoDaddy Workspace. As soon as you open the link, it will take you to the web browser.
  10. Now, follow the instructions to reset your Workspace password.


The article mentioned above features the step by step guidance on how to perform the Godaddy Workspace login and GoDaddy Workspace email service. We hope that we successfully clear all your doubts and queries related to GoDaddy Workspace email login.

In case you are still experiencing any issues on the topic, please let us know by dropping the comment in the comment box below and we will do our best to help you.

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