What’s New in Apple’s Latest iOS 13?

Apple’s essential iMessages protocol allowed device-to-device messaging using Messages apps and iPhone, iPad, and Mac. So far, Messages app search capabilities were not user-friendly in iPhone. But, now with the introduction to iOS 13 all has changed.

How to create User Profiles in iOS 13:

With this new apple operating system, by using Messages app you can share your name with your photo or Animoji. Your data would reach the individual you contact even if you are not in contact list. Select any of the following:

  • Share with Contacts.
  • Always ask before sharing with someone.
  • Automatically share with anyone you message with.

Improved Features in iOS 13:

1. Search Facility:

In iOS 13, access the search interface by swiping down the main Message Screen. Tap on the search bar to view the following:

  • List of recent contacts
  • Links received in Messages
  • Photos of people who sent messages.
  • Locations shared
  • Attachments received

In order to view shared media with individuals- Tap on “i” icon at the top of the conversation. It will Shows – attachments, links, locations and photos.

2. Animoji and Memoji Options:

In apple’s iOS 13, new Animoji and Memoji stickers have been added. The faces and poses includes brain exploding, crying, face palm, heart eyes, laughing with tears, shrugging, shushing face, and others.

You can use a front-facing TrueDepth camera to make your own customized Memoji or Animoji. In addition, you can use over 50 muscle movements in different areas of the face. Also, users can Monitor them and replicate the facial expressions, emotions to create a video with their own voice.

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Using customize Emoji-like character will resembles you in this new apple’s OS. It also, adds earrings, glasses, headwear, makeup, piercings, and teeth on your image. Also, you can change hair styles, colour hair and more.

3. Dual-SIM Support:

In this iOS 13, iMessages supports dual-SIM functionality in iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR. Users can start a new conversation by swapping between SIM cards.

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