5 Tips for Better Lighting When Taking Pictures

Lighting is one of the essentials for taking breathtaking photos. Mastery of lighting fundamentals is crucial for every beginner. In this article, we’ll discuss the best ways to take better photos by improving lighting.

1. Use the Right Gear

It all starts with the selection of the gear to use when taking pictures. Invest in high-quality lighting equipment. It is not necessary that you buy new ones. Instead, for a more practical alternative, you can consider a lighting rental. The right tools will provide supplemental lighting in an indoor or outdoor setting. One of the most important is flash but take note that there are different settings that you can use for different situations.

Better Lighting

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2. Position the Light Source Properly

Aside from using the right lighting tools, it is also important that you position it properly to maximize its effect. The farther the source of the light is from the subject, the harder it falls. If your subject is close to the subject, the light will broaden, providing better illumination. It also makes lighting even and natural. A light source that is close to the subject also makes the light softer.

3. Shoot Outside

It is impossible to talk about tips for photography lighting without mentioning natural light. It is best to go outside and take advantage of the sun, which is rich and warm. It is great for shooting portraits. However, if it is too bright or cloudless, it can produce strong shadows and can overwhelm the subject. People can also squint when the sun is at its peak because they are uncomfortable, and this won’t make them look great in the pictures. Look for shades and shoot during the golden hours, which are during sunrise and sunset.

4. Include Shadows

Some might easily get irritated when they see shadows in their photos but it can actually be a good thing. This makes the photos more creative, adding a three-dimensional effect. It makes the subject appear in space rather than on a flat surface. Lighting, whether it is below, above, or on the side of the subject, will add volume. This is a common technique when shooting still life and landscape subjects.

5. Know the Colors

While light appears white, it actually has colors. You need to learn about color temperature, which affects the way the subjects will look like in the photos. Adjust the white balance to control the lighting in your pictures. With the accurate settings, the white light in real life will appear white even in the photos. Change the settings for better white balance control to make the pictures look more realistic.

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Lighting is one of the most challenging to master for newbie photographers. With our suggestions above, you can easily master the fundamentals of lighting and shoot like a pro. From the right gear to the right settings, take note of our tips to shoot stunning photos.

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