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Uganda Approves to Use Experimental Ebola Treatments

It’s been a week, the deadly virus Ebola starts spreading into Uganda from the Democratic Republic of Congo Border. So far, there has been no effective Ebola Treatments found. WHO reports stated as 2 death in Uganda region all because of the Ebola virus spread. And in Congo around 1,411 people lost their lives since last August.

So far, Congo listed as a second worst outburst place in records of Ebola virus. In order to control the deadly virus spread, the Uganda administration taking strict action.

Clearance from Uganda National Council to use Experimental Ebola Treatments

By considering the seriousness, the Uganda National Council and National Drug Authority cleared health works to provide Therapeutic Treatment. The Health Minister of the Uganda nation, Jane Ruth Aceng has confirmed this new by texting on Twitter.

WHO spokesman Tarik Jasarevic said medicines ZMapp, Regeneron and Remdesivir shipped to Uganda. He further added as the shipped medicine will handy for the health workers to treat infected people.

Tarik’s email quoted with “The protocols for the fourth submitted. Logistics underway with MSF support for importation of a few courses about 10 each”

Ebola Spread Status in Uganda

The United Nation Health agency has recently released its statement about the Ebola treatments and the deadly virus spread in Uganda. In that, it clearly mentioned as “No Ebola virus spread within Uganda people so far”. However, all those patients who recorded as infected by the deadly virus are from Congo.

Medical staff of an Ebola Treatment Unit

Medical staff of an Ebola Treatment Unit

Last week, the WHO panel decided against declaring Ebola outburst from the Congo as an International emergency. Despite the virus spread to Uganda from Congo 2 weeks ago, by considering the economic harm WHO took this decision.

From Saturday, Health workers who volunteered to serve the infected person now starts taking the Merck experimental vaccine in Uganda.

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