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Weightlifting Better than Aerobic Exercise on Reducing Heart Fat

If you are wondering about your heart health than consider about doing weightlifting. Because weightlifting reduces the presence of fat content in heart significantly. In fact, Weightlifting is better than Aerobic Exercise in heart fat reduction.

Let discuss more about it

What proves Weightlifting is Better than Aerobic Exercise?

Well, many might well aware of the fact that Heart Fat’ is highly liked with the cardiovascular disease. Recent study over the people who do routing exercise clearly shows significant reduction on their Heart fat.

Over the years, it is believed as doing Aerobic Exercise is good and it makes stronger heart and healthier. However, a recent study result shows different results. Yes! Researchers performed a small study on certain type of heart fat ‘Pericardial adipose tissue’.

In that study, patients who undergoes weightlifting shows significant amount of reduction in pericardial adipose tissue. In fact, the reduction rate is far better than the patients who did aerobic exercise on routine basis.

Meanwhile, the patients who did weightlifting not allowed doing endurance training and patients who did endurance training not done weightlifting. The complete study and its results published in JAMA cardiology.

Words from the Researchers

Well, the researchers from Copenhagen University Hospital and from the Center of Inflammation and Metabolism expressed their shock. Dr. Regitse Hojgaard Christensen, who leaded the study said, “We surprised by finding Weightlifting is Better than Aerobic Exercise”.

He further added “Participants allowed to perform only three to five sets of 10 exercises and the sessions under supervision”. “We did not combine resistance and endurance training, which would have been interesting to reveal their potential additive effects.” Christensen said.

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However, the study report does not explain the reason why Weightlifting is better than Aerobic Exercise in heart fat reduction. Meanwhile, the study conducted among 32 adults who do not have any heart disease, diabetes or any atrial fibrillation.

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