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Economical Teenager Bedroom Decor Ideas

Teenager Bedroom Decor Ideas
Written by jahan

Redoing a teenager’s bedroom can be a decorating challenge as tastes and priorities differ between adults and their children. However, it is possible to find ways to compromise and leave both parties happy. The following is a list of teenage bedroom décor ideas that are not only practical, but that will, hopefully, be agreeable to the entire family.

Teenage Bedroom Decoration Ideas and Solutions:

Order and Cleanliness: This is usually more of a priority for parents than it is for teenagers. Studies have shown that students who are neat and orderly learn better. There are a few easy ways to combat the mess in your teenager’s room. A loft-bed with the desk is a great way to combat clutter and create more surfaces from which to work. Since the bed is elevated and out of the way, your teenager will have more room for a desk, extra cabinets, and additional closet space, thus allowing for more organization. Similarly, closet organizers are a practical and useful idea for teenage bedroom decoration changes. With designated areas for clothing, shoes, books, and accessories, these organizers increase the chances that your teenager will actually pick up after himself.

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Medium Cherry Computer Desk

Comfort: Another important teenage bedroom decoration idea is to focus on your child’s comfort. You want your teenager to enjoy his room and to feel that it is a warm, inviting part of the home. Pay attention to the quality of the computer desk and chair that you purchase for a teenager’s room. In this hi-tech age, teenagers spend a good deal of time working at the computer. Most teenagers like to work in the comfort of their own room and the best place to work for good posture and efficiency is at a computer desk with a comfortable chair. In addition, for added comfort, install a ceiling fan in your teenager’s room. This will lower your air conditioning costs, keep him cool during the summer, and help prevent allergies.

• Space: Another idea for teenage bedroom decor is to pick an almirah or standing closet to create extra space. Many reports have shown that teenagers are big shoppers. A typical teenager has more clothes than his father and mother combined and most homes do not have closets big enough to suit their wardrobe needs. A simple, beautiful wood almirah with drawers would make an excellent addition to the Interior design ideas of the room; on a practical level, it is also an efficient way to store extra clothes and to keep the bedroom clean.

• Decor: Pick a color theme and keep it simple. Teenagers tend to be quite volatile, liking one color one day and one color the next. Choose colors that are neutral and classic to create a longer appeal. If it drives you crazy to have your teenager tacking posters up on the walls, consider purchasing a large tack board and mounting it on one wall. Allow them to place anything that they want to here, thus saving the rest of the room from nicks and tacks.

Armed with this list of teenage bedroom decoration ideas, you and your child should be able to create a warm, inviting, and practical space. With creativity and a small budget, you can transform a regular bedroom into a teenager’s “pad” and keep both the parents and the teenager satisfied.

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