A Guide to Buying Kitchen Knives

Kitchen Knives

What do you think is the most important tool in your kitchen? There are a lot of kitchen appliances that we all want on our kitchen shelf. But on top of them is a chef’s knife. Since I decided to make my career as a chef, I find one thing that is more important than others is a knife. It might amaze you, but if you are a kitchen person, you would agree with it.

A professional cook must know the difference between a boning knife and a paring knife. For amateurs, there is no difference between a pocket knife and a kitchen knife. The only thing they know about knives is that they used to chop the vegetables, carve a turkey, or slice up cheese. But unfortunately, it is not always as easy as most of us think. Since you have more than three to four knives in your kitchen, what’s the purpose of them if you can do all jobs with one? So here we have gathered a guide for those who look for professional chef knife.

1.      Find a Cookware or Cutlery Store

As it would not be hard for you to find a cutlery shop around you still if you are struggling with it, you can go online, yet it is always better to shop in person. When you decide on the shop ask them if you can return it if it is not the right fit or dull.

2.      Test Before Paying

It is always better to test the knife before paying. This way, you would be more likely to get the right match. If it is possible, try your knives to dice an onion, carve a melon, mince parsley, or cut any other vegetable into thin strips.

3.      What You Need To Check in a Knife

Once you have got knives in your hand, you would get a sense if it is comfortable or not at once. If you feel a good grip on it and have checked the sharpness now come to its physical characteristics.

Balance: To check the balance of a knife, hold it into your hand and check the balance by holding the handle of a knife. If you feel it is uncomfortable to hold, then it is not probably for you. Most of you may overlook this part, but in reality, it can make your work difficult.

Weight: To buy the right knife for your kitchen, you need to try the serval knives to find out the right one with the ideal weight. Some professional chefs think a lighter weight knife flows more smoothly and freely, and some others consider a heavily weighted knife is better. So it is up to you to choose the one that you find comfortable.

Size: An 8-inch knife is the most popular in both home cooks and professionals due to its versatility. Buying a knife lesser than 8-inch may not provide you with the right grip. In the same way, a knife with a 10-inch longer blade may feel intimidating, but it can cut more volume and is specially designed for the professionals.

Kitchen Knives
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