Solar Panels Maintenance: How Do You Do?

Solar Panels Maintenance

Solar panels are one of the big investments you do for your family, proper maintenance is necessary to ensure the durability of the panels sustains to its maximum level. It is important to carry out the maintenance of the solar panels regularly to avail consistent power outputs.

Many people struck when it comes to choosing a DIY cleaning process or hiring professionals for performing solar panels maintenance. Well, simple cleaning can be done with DIY but when it comes to maintenance hiring professionals would be the right options. When it comes to Solar Cleaning Systems, offers a unique automated solar cleaning system, which clears all the presence of debris and dust on your solar panels.

Before getting in-depth into the solar maintenance or solar panel cleaning service, let’s brush up some basics about solar panels.

How Solar Panel Works?

Solar panels specifically designed one for absorbing sunlight and to generate electricity from it. A solar panel consists of an assembly of solar cells made from semiconductors. The presence of the semi-conductors plays a vital role in freeing electrons upon absorbing light energy; the freed electrons are responsible for generating electricity.

Solar Panels Maintenance Is Necessary?

To be frank, one can say solar panels don’t require maintenance as it has no moving parts in it. However, it requires a little amount of maintenance that too over a certain time period to inspect whether any debris or dust collected in the panels. The debris or dust on the solar panels will cause a significant impact on solar panel efficiency.

Meanwhile, today’s advanced technology offers a unique automated solution for cleaning debris or dust collecting on the solar panel. Without affecting your solar panel manufacturing warranties, one can carry on with customized Solutions Automated Panel Cleansing Systems.  Also, the Automated solar cleaning system purely depends upon the environmental condition.

Why Automated Cleaning System?

Automated Cleaning Systems works with a passion for boosting the renewable energy market by applying innovative methods. Over the years, experts manage to provide greater efficiencies, reliable, and safest automated solar panels cleaning system keeping solar panels clean of our customers across the globe.

Benefits of Automated Solar Cleaning System

    • Designed to meet customer’s needs and requirements.
    • Remote controlling option
    • Takes only 30 sec to clean a solar panel
    • Cheaper than manual cleaning process

Seasonal Caring Of Your Solar Panels

In most cases, solar panels maintenance points the panel cleaning process because panels are the ones exposed to the sunlight to absorb the light energy if any obstacles like debris or dust collect in the panels will affect the solar panel efficiency.

Here are the seasonal caring tips of your solar panels offered by various vendors for keeping solar panels clean to produce consistent power generation.

    • Summer Maintenance: Well, the summer season would be the one in which your solar panels would be on its peak productivity. However, the presence of dust, grime, debris, animals dropping on panels would affect power productions. During the summer season, you need to make sure of doing regular rinses of your panels for dust and pollen.
    • Fall Maintenance: To maintain the high productivity of your solar panels during the fall season, you need to make sure about not having any leaf and debris on your panels or racks. Before taking the maintenance job on your hand ensure about panel warranty duration and taking enough precaution to avoid accidental fall.
    • Winter Maintenance: If your home located in high snowfall area then it would be difficult for you to remove snows during the winter season. In winter seasons you will require a long broom or snow rake to clean the collected snows. However, hiring professional cleaners during winter maintenance to avoid the risk of damaging panels during the cleaning process is highly recommended.
    • Spring Maintenance: Most of you might think about what to do in the spring season! But spring season would be the apt time to perform preventative maintenance for your solar panels. Prefer to do a visual inspection and an additional installer to diagnose your solar panel’s performance. In simple wordings, entire solar system monitoring needs to carry during the spring season.

Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Solar Panels

To ensure the durability of your solar panels, you need to do regular panel cleaning and maintenance. One can opt for the DIY for cleaning and maintenance service as it saves money at a significant rate. In, in addition, a customized automated cleaning system does cleaning work just visual inspection required to ensure all processes going fine.

Here are the few vital tips from the experts for Cleaning and doing Solar Panels Maintenance

1. Tips for Maintenance of Solar Panels

    • Always place or keep your solar panels away from shades to avail maximum outputs from your solar system.
    • Maintain a record of daily power production data of your solar system, by doing so you can easily pinpoint any inconsistent production occurs.
    • Placing automated cleaners or schedule appointments with the professional cleaners would do the best in case you are too busy to spend time for your solar system maintenance.

2. Tips for Solar Panel Cleaning

    • Prefer to purchase solar panel cleaning kits instead of buying cleaning accessories separately. A solar panel kit comes with biodegradable soap, a wiper, an adjustable brush, and a small brush.
    • Use a soft rag or biodegradable soap in order to avoid the risk of damaging your solar panels while cleaning.
    • Prefer using a long-handled brush instead of using a ladder. Also, consider cleaning your panels fixed on your rooftops to avoid the risk of falling.
    • Make sure you do all precaution safety protocols by taking safety ropes or harness. Before stepping into a solar panel cleaning process.
    • Depending upon the panel types and environmental conditions, your panels might require weekly or monthly cleaning.

Bottom Line

Though DIY method cleaning can do the cleaning process, still hiring a professional cleaner or fixing an automated solar panel cleaning system will ensure 100% cleaning of your panels. Also experienced cleaning professionals will give you valuable tips to get maximum efficiency and durability from your solar panel system.

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