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Popular Outdoor Decor Ideas from Famous Instagram Accounts

Wondering about how to decorate your home outdoor? Consider about picking any of these Popular Outdoor Decor Ideas from Instagram. Homes with a backyard patio can well-decorated for informal sitting arrangement. You, your family members and friends can sit outdoors to enjoy the natural surroundings.

Here, we have provided you with certain interesting ideas gathered from Instagram accounts. In addition, tip on how to decorate the outdoors.

List of 3 Popular Outdoor Decor Ideas Picked from Instagram Accounts

1. White Colored Seating Arrangement For Hot Summer Months:

White colour reflects all lights and offers a cooling visual impact.  In your patio with white painted railing, place a white and navy blue rug on the wooden floor. On it, place two white coloured stools for sitting. If you don’t know about the rug size, check out the Rug Size Guide for perfect home decor ideas.

At the far end, place a white sofa with white coloured cushion covers. Meanwhile, Place three cushions two greyish coloureds and one white-and-black designed. Place plant pots on either side.

2. Light Blue and White Striped Arrangement:

On the wooden floor of your backyard patio, place a special rug. The centre is light blue coloured surrounded by a thin white border. Outside, there is a wide border made of thin vertical stripes of light blue and white.

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In addition, place a light greyish coloured centre table. On two sides, place two woven sofas covered in grey. Adjacent to the sofas, place large sized plant pots with delicate white flowers. Finally, place ferns, sunflower pots for decorating patio.

3. Light Up The Patio with Modern LEDs at Dusk:

It is one of the most Popular Outdoor Decor Ideas. During summer months, the sunsets late compared to winter so you can make the most of twilight.

In addition, add strings of yellow LEDs such that you and your guests to enjoy the warm ambience. For many this would be the more preferred and Popular Outdoor Decor Ideas.

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