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Reasons why your air conditioner isn’t working properly

What is the biggest query surrounding you during the start of hot days? Well, “how will I deal when the summers are at peak? Isn’t it? You aren’t alone. Since, it is the unanimous worry which sends alarming bells considering the long summer days where the only respite is to have an excellent operating ac working for you. Indeed. After all, most of us would have faced the issue of air conditioner not blowing cold air.

Do you want to save yourself from testing times along with expensive ac repairs? If yes, then take a look at the reasons of why your air conditioner is working but not cooling. Before, you read the reasons, always play safe, and never trouble shoot without safety mechanisms and if you aren’t confident then do take the help of an expert.

Faulty wiring

Don’t you want to live in a safe and secure environment? Yes. Similarly, if your wiring is damaged, then you should get it fixed before it is too late. Since, not only it poses extreme danger, but can also be one of the reasons why your ac isn’t working properly.

Is your unit leaking Freon

Another one of the reasons your home ac blowing hot air could be the low quantity of Freon. Well, the prime reason for its insufficient quantity is due to leak. Everybody knows that coolant is important for cooling of ac. But over a period of time, your ac may have insufficient coolant and as a result, it fails to cool.  Get in touch with an expert immediately. Yes, and you will feel like that your ac is blowing warm air. So, simply call a professional technician who will get this problem addressed by refilling.

Change your soiled filter

I am sure you will agree that soiled filter may well hamper the smooth functioning of your ac. That can also mean that your home ac not blowing cold air. Since, it restricts the airflow. If unchecked, filters get excessively clogged with dust that they literally freeze up and as a result, it won’t cool.

Is your ac adequate for the size of your home?

There might be one of the reasons which many of you may have missed is the selection of appropriate ac as per your home standards. This will force to ask yourself why my ac is blowing hot air?

Is it undersized?

If it is actually, then you don’t feel cool on an average warm day. So, it is imperative to select the ac as per the size of your room area.

Is the installation done properly?

It is true that even a slight issue in your ac makes you feel problematic. Likewise, there may well be a mistake while installing the new air conditioning system, if it isn’t giving cool air, as desired. Get it inspected by a professional. Well, this will help you to know the reason why your air conditioner is working but not cooling. This will save you from lots of anxieties and problems especially, if you discover on a hot day. So, look at the condition right from before, so that you have sufficient time to take necessary action.

Simultaneously use a fan and ac

Here is an approach you can attain to maximize the benefit of attaining cool air, provided your ac is blowing cool air on an average. Well, you can set your ac at lower power as well as run a fan. Since, ac will be blowing, so obviously, there won’t be humidity while the fan will give you cool air, in the presence of ac.

Is your ac getting old?

HVAC systems have a life span of 12 years on an average. However, if it is kept well, then you may use it for a bit more years. But, overusing it will only invite expensive repairs as working on aging units will turn out to be a costly affair. As we know, that every component has its own life and surpassing the tenure will affect its functioning. Same can be regarded as one of the reasons for your home ac not blowing cold air. Since, you know better, whether your ac is old. There are so many components which lessens their efficiency and that exerts extra pressure on your ac. In other words, it has to consume lots of energy for to cover up for its inefficiency.

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On the other hand, a new ac will cool the room quickly by consuming less energy.  So, if you feel that your ac has lived up to its time by working properly all these years, so better replace it as maintaining a new ac as it will be light to your pocket with little or no care required in beginning.

Is your breaker tripped?

If there is the main energy consumer in your home, then it has to be your HVAC system. Isn’t it? One of the possible reasons for your ac not working is due to the breaker being tripped. Reset it, if you find it “off”. Even if it starts to operate, there is a possibility that the breaker has initially tripped, due to overuse of ac. Contact the technician to ascertain the possible reasons for eliminating the problem before it is too late for you.

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Have you taken an annual service by an expert?

Well, your ac deserves an expert inspection annually. It helps you to understand the actual state of your ac and ascertain the problem if any. Yes, if the problem is caught well before time, then not only you are saved from inconvenience such as air conditioner is working but not cooling, but also helps you to save your hard earned money. The visit of an expert gains significance as you get to know know about the leaking refrigerant or bad wiring etc , since it can be discovered well in time.

Final thoughts

Isn’t it an embarrassing situation to have a substandard ac working right in the peak of summers? Yes, you unknowingly put yourself in such a situation, when you least expect it. Therefore, get your ac thoroughly checked right before, so that you have ample of time to get it repaired.

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