Top 5 Textsheet Alternatives For Study in 2019

Textsheet Alternative For Study In 2019

We are living in the digital era, where one can get assistance for all in the digital platforms. Younger generations prefer digital platform for all. In fact, we can say as they now fully depend upon the digital world, especially the Internet. The arrival of the internet has changed the entire world. In today’s world, the Internet plays a vital role in guiding students according to the modern educational system. Several sites like Textsheets and Textsheet Alternatives offering invaluable virtual educator service for the students.

A recent study report proves that the students are learning effectively in the digital platform than the traditional learning platform. Owing to that, many countries have adopted the digital method of teaching. In addition, the tough competition prevailing in the modern education system compels students to depend on additional learning resources. Besides, many students are forced to do extra coaching to score better marks in their academic exams.

Virtual Learning

These days, one can find many web portals offering tutor services for students. One of the prime sites was Textsheets. Textsheets offered perfect guidance for students on completing their homework, assignments, and projects.

Unlike other service vendors, Textsheets offered a systematic detailed explanation to all students’ queries. Unfortunately, because of the DMCA copyright violation, the website had to shut down completely. However, there are several websites, which are perfect acts as Textsheet Alternatives, where students can avail assistance for their education.

Five reliable Textsheet Alternatives for students for studying in 2019

1. Chegg:

Chegg, one of the popular Textsheet Alternatives, caused the entire shut down of Textsheet from the internet. In fact, they have been serving students for almost two decades.

Moreover, the online portal Chegg offers homework help with more than eighty subjects and various course works. These include Chemistry, Mathematics, Engineering, Business, and more. Chegg provides students with a large number of solutions to questions and problems. Students can receive answers from experts when they face difficulties while solving homework or any assignment.

You can use either the Chegg website or the Chegg app service. You can download the app from Google Play Store or App Store for Android and iOS. To use the Chegg, you have to register and pay $14.95/month or $30/month for video calling features. The high fees can be an issue for some students. You can try the online tutoring service for half-hour free of cost. You have to switch off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period to stop the subscription.

2. Slader:

Slader is an independent website supported by students and contributors worldwide.  Also, Slader is one of the most popular Textsheet Alternatives among students in the USA.

The website caters to every student attending middle school to graduate school (college). Slader provides step-by-step detailed solutions and extensive explanation to millions of questions. The answers offered are from various textbooks for a wide range of academic courses for complete understanding. Slader continuously improves its quality of content. It guides students in efficiently answering questions as required at the college level. Slader is very easy to use.

You can either the barcode of your textbook or type in the title of your book. Slader shows all the relevant answers to the problems you are looking for. Thus, Slader is the best website for students to finish their homework and assignments. The website shows very little advertisement but you can pay $1.99 as subscription and remove all ads.

3. Course Hero:

Course Hero, the best platform for studying and downloading study material, is one of the recommended Textsheet Alternatives. In addition, Course Hero boasts of having over 25 million course-specific study resources. Communities of students and educators contribute most of these. Course Hero offers class notes, detailed explanations, videos, practice problems, and study guides on every subject.

Course Hero is so well organized that students can retrieve require a course, notes, answers very rapidly. They can find study resources by typing in their school name/subject/book names. Students can use filters to search documents by course, question, explanation, and study documents.

They get the best source for well-explained answers and solutions to problems. You have to register yourself and log in before downloading any document, or book. Apart from that, Course Hero gives you the opportunity to earn money by uploading and referring the website to friends. Users are provided with 24×7 tutoring help so you can log in as a student or tutor.

4. Studylib:

Studlib (Study Library) website provides students with textbooks, solved answers with a detailed explanation, and assignment solutions. You can download, store relevant documents, and share notes at no cost using the website. studylib offers several academic courses. These include Arts and Humanities, Business, Engineering and Technology, History and Miscellaneous, Maths, Science, Social Science.

More importantly, Studylib uses an interactive homepage where students can find necessary documents for easy and efficient navigation. After registering, you can use your homepage for adding papers/documents and downloading required documents free of cost. You also have the option of browsing the document.

5. CrazyForStudy:

CrazyForStudy website is most popular amongst high school students and college students because of having over 50 million textbooks.  In addition, it offers a systematic detailed explanation of all the questions. CrazyForStudy website offers textbook solutions along with completed assignments.

All students can use the CrazyForStudy website to save time and complete their homework and class assignments. Students interested in learning any new course have to buy a subscription. They have to remain at home and login for the online class offered.

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